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The TrewsArtist info Judging by the boldness of their choices, you’d never guess the Trews are 10 years, five studio albums and thousands of gigs into their highly celebrated career. Clearly, someone forgot to tell them that bands are supposed to become more predictable as the years go by, not less so. And yet, evidence of a stubborn refusal to play it safe abounds, most notably in the East Coast-bred, Toronto-based rock squad’s eponymous, electrifying new disc, The Trews. It tallies so many firsts that even band members Colin MacDonald, John-Angus MacDonald, Sean Dalton and Jack Syperek cop to being a smidge flabbergasted by their own achievements, 14 Top 10 Canadian radio singles (including two #1s) notwithstanding... Read more

Sing Your Heart Out
From the forthcoming new album, Acoustic - Friends & Total Strangers. In stores Tuesday, October 6th, 2009. Directed by Tim Martiin.

The Trews - Highway of Heroes
"Highway of Heroes", was co-written and co-produced by The Trews and Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar) and was inspired by the 2006 death of Captain Nichola ...

The Trews - Not Ready To Go
video for not ready to go

The Trews - Tired Of Waiting
video for tired of waiting

Gordie Johnson & The Trews - All Hell for a Basement; performing in Austin, TX on The Verge XM 151
Gordie and The Trews performing at the Six Shooter House of Sin in Austin TX for SXSW on The Verge Visit: ...

THE TREWS "In The Morning" (2014) * * * THE TREWS, rock group from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada . IN THE MORNING is a song from their new album THE TREWS.

Poor Ol' Broken Hearted Me-The Trews

Hold Me In Your Arms
Hold Me In Your Arms music video.

Yearning-The Trews
A moment in time, despair and fear Nothing's ahead you are right here Near is the pain tragedy changing you dear Catastrophe, everything's gone Nothing ...

Hopeless by: The Trews
My second favorite song from the Trews.

The Trews - Hope & Ruin
New video of "Hope & Ruin" by The Trews off their forthcoming album "Hope & Ruin" The Trews "Hope & Ruin" video was directed by Drew Lightfoot for ...

THE TREWS - Man Of Two Minds
The new video from The Trews. Directed by Don Allan and Sammy Rawal.

The Trews - "In the Morning" featuring Serena Ryder
"In the Morning" from the Trews' self titled album Available now - Directed By: Jeff Maher Executive Producers: Cody Calahan Chad Archibald ...

The Trews feat. Gordie Johnson - Ishmael and Maggie
The Trews and Gordie performing at The Six Shooter House of Sin at SXSW on The Verge XM 151 Visit: ...

The Trews - "Vintage Love" Available Now

The Trews - Tired of Waiting LYRICS
Tired of Waiting by The Trews Lyrics: I am wired and fading looking blind and blaming Following and trailing words you might be saying Chorus: I am tired of ...

The Trews - Not Ready To Go
Track 2 from The Trews' 2003 album, House of Ill Fame. Lyrics: It's never ending, as far as I know But there's a doubt you feel between us both You're grounded ...

The Trews - So She's Leaving
Track 6 from The Trews' 2005 album, Den Of Thieves. Lyrics: Ya better stop pretending that this is never-ending It seems the dream is over and not worthy of ...

The Trews - Stray
The closing track of The Trews' 2003 album, House of Ill Fame. Lyrics: Love is an awkward rhyme spoken poorly all the time needing that one perfect line to ...

Paranoid Freak - The Trews ( Lyrics )
No copyright intended. they say a bad song gets stuck in your head i'm singing along i can't help it gears starting to grind exploding my mind satan get thee ...

The Trews - "Bar Star" - Lyric Video
Available Now -

Music video for the song, Paranoid Freak, from The Trews' new album, No Time For Later, in stores now! Directed by Sean Wainsteim Production company: Next ...

THE TREWS - I Can't Stop Laughing
Filmed at the band's old Niagara Falls hang out "The Highland Tap", this video features a whole cast of friends and family. Also stars keyboardist Jeff Heisholt as ...

Hold Me In Your Arms - The Trews ( Lyrics )
No Copyright Intended. Wake up to the sounds of the century They got a long way to go to gain on me It's all right The years are coming down like the dirty ...

The Trews - The Power Of Positive Drinking
The Trews - The Power of Positive Drinking

The Trews - Ishmael & Maggie (Acoustic)
I arranged the order of clips and added the acoustic version of "Ishmael & Maggie," by "The Trews!" Please save it to your favourites, leave a comment, visit my ...

The Trews - Ishmael & Maggie
The closing track of The Trews' 2005 album, Den Of Thieves. Lyrics: Hello my name is Ishmael, forget the one about the whale I'll tell you of a broken-hearted ...

The Trews - Under The Sun (Radio Edit)
"Under The Sun" is from The Trews' fifth studio album "THE TREWS". You can purchase 'THE TREWS' via iTunes here ...

The Trews - Yearning (Live from Glenn Gould Studio)
From the live concert DVD Acoustic - Friends & Total Strangers. Recorded live at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto on January 30th & 31st 2009. Directed by ...

The Trews - What's Fair is Fair - Official Video
"What's Fair Is Fair" is from The Trews' fifth studio album "THE TREWS". You can purchase "THE TREWS" via iTunes ...

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