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Secrets of the Seers
How would you like it if the Lord offered you “divine wisdom” that would transform your life and bring you and your family into the completeness of all He created ...

The Seers - Welcome to Deadtown
Video from Bristol band The Seers. Made in various locations: Montpelier station, Age's bedroom and roof, walking up to Clifton. Made by Jesus and Mary Chain ...

The Seers - Psychout
Our very expensive video. I guess we're still paying for it too. Made on location in a ruined church in Kent I think. The drums were set up on the altar which ...

The Seers - Lightning Strikes
Our first single, inspired by Michael Ryans antics, kicked up a fuss with the people of Hungerford (until they heard it) which didn't do out PR campaign any harm.

The Seers - Psych Out (1990) FULL ALBUM Vinyl Rip
Because the digital master of this album is absolute ass, here's a rip direct from the original vinyl LP from 1990.

Seers - Sun In The Sky (Official Video)
SEERS - Sun In The Sky The Seers were a British rock group active between 1984 and 1991. The group gained notoriety with their debut single, Lightning ...

The Seers - Psych Out
from 1990's "Psych Out"

The Seers - Sun is in the sky
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The Seers Tower
The Seers Tower by Sufjan Stevens.

The Ministry of The Seer
Seer Vs Prophet: What's the difference? Prophetess Jacinta Calhoun does an excellent teaching on the different aspects of the prophetic ministry. She brings ...

the seers - you keep me praying
a million magik crystals floating round in a glass for me to drink..

Seers - Freedom Trip (Official Video)
SEERS - Freedom Trip The Roots of the Seers lie in two places; Bristol (obviously) and Billericay (not so obviously). Leigh Wildman grew up in Billericay and it ...

The Seers - Fly away
The Seers.

The Seers - Lightning Strikes (UK, 1988)

Rudra - Homage To The Seers (HD)
Band: Rudra Album: The Aryan Crusade Song: Homage To The Seers I do not own rights to this music.

The Seers - Don't get hit 1991
Live at The Anson Rooms Bristol. Last ever gig with guitarist Nick Worms filling in for Leigh Wildman. A Live favourite which gave Spider a chance for a bit of ...

The Seers - You Keep Me Praying
Studio version from Psych Out.

Brimstone Coven – The Seers
Black Magic (2016)

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