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The DimesArtist info At first taste, The Dimes may remind you of an old piece of peppermint candy you found in the pocket of a sweater that’s been hiding in the back of your closet. Initially you hesitate, but then you take a bite and suddenly your mouth is exploding with a cool, fresh, minty flavor that makes you feel like you just brushed your teeth.When not rehearsing or recording, you may find the guys loitering in the North Mississippi neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, where Pierre has been sighted carrying on long conversations with himself. Please be patient with him... Read more

Love and Oceans- The Dimes
i don't own anything so go ahead and use this in your own videos n stuff guys fml i had to download illegal adobe after effects and watch 40 min worth of youtube ...

THE DIMES - Stars and the Moon (Instrumental)
THE DIMES - Stars and the Moon (Instrumental) Video estático. Static. Saludos de indie-pop.

The Dimes - Save Me Clara
This is not mine. Really good band.... Follow them :) @TheDimes via twitter.

The Dimes - Ballad of Winslow Homer
The song "Ballad of Winslow Homer" from The Dimes' 2009 release "The King Can Drink The Harbour Dry". The song was also featured in a lovely film called ...

The Dimes - September
the dimes september.

The Dimes - Catch Me Jumping
the Dimes perform a live version of their song "Catch Me Jumping"

Song of the Day 8-5-10: Catch Me Jumping by The Dimes
Sorry for the long delay! Computer problems, you know? From the album "The Silent Generation".

The Dimes - Damrell's Fire

Nicol & The Dimes - You Tell Me Too Much OFFICIAL
New blues rockers, Nicol & the Dimes are a 3-piece band where the members have all enjoyed success in the past. Drummer Steve Nicol was the founder ...

The Dimes - Levi Coffin (Acoustic)
Had a little extra time at the end of our last video shoot, so we squeezed in this little acoustic tune we're working on... Shot by the wonderful folks and film ...

The Dimes - "Salt and Foam"
Portland, Oregon band The Dimes performing their track "Salt and Foam" on The Doug Fir Patio - July 18th, 2010.

Jersey Kid - The Dimes
The Dimes at the Doug Fir in PDX July '07.

The Dimes - Robert Goddard

the dimes (live)
clip from the dimes show at the proletariat with a multimedia presentation.

The Dimes Paul Kern Can't Sleep.mp4 Olympic Club 12.13.11

The Dimes - Take me away
The Dimes - Take Me Away Lyric take me away, somewhere you and I could stay, where we could stay see the sun, somewhere I can see the sun, see the sun ...

The Dimes - Coming home
The Dimes - Coming Home.

Letters in the Sea - The Dimes Live @ Mississippi Studios
The Dimes play a sweet intimate show in PDX, Spring '06.

Buddy And The Dimes-It's A Sin To Tell A Lie-1976

The Dimes - The Liberator
Live performance video of The Dimes playing The Liberator. This little acoustic rehearsal video was taken at Pierre Kaiser's house - courtesy of Pet Marmoset.

The Dimes & Timber Carnival Records
The fellows were in the house.

Catch Me Jumping - The Dimes Live @ Mississippi Studios
Catch Me Jumping in the Spring of '06.

Walden And The Willow Tree - The Dimes
I love you.

The Dimes: Celia's Garden
The Dimes perform Celia's Garden in a China Town loft. Music Video by students of NW Documentary DSLR Class 2010. Edited by Brighton West. Portland Indy ...

The Dimes at St. Cupcake

The Dimes Lovely Mary Dyer.mp4 Olympic Club 12.13.11

The Dimes - Wheels
The Dimes live @ Kennedy School.

San Jacinto - The Dimes
The Dimes at Dante's March 13, 2008.

The Dimes - Susan Be
The Dimes performing Susan Be during a rehearsal at Pierre's house. Video courtesy of Pet Marmsoset. |

The Dimes - Salt and Foam Live @ Holocene
The Dimes perform Salt and Foam live at the Holocene.

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