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ShunArtist info Shun has been a band for around four years, and throughout those years they have learned what it takes to try and make a stand in a hard business; it takes severe determination and the talent to succeed, these are two things that Shun knows they have. Since they all grew up together they have always known what they wanted to do, the only thing left to do was do it, and three years ago that is what they set out to do. With them all being in their early twenties, they know what is coming up for the music of tomorrow and have already had time to accomplish the sound of the future. The band consist of five friends, not just members, starting with the vocalist, Billy White, who with his own unique style of vocals carries the songs emotion and touches you with his passionate lyrics... Read more

Video oficial del tema " Sin Pistolas " interpretado por Shun Hidalgo bajo la producción instrumental de B Side. #phantomsoundsmonsters Pronto disponible en ...

EXILE SHUN Last Live 2006 4/26
EXIIE YES!! Your eyes only~曖昧な僕の輪郭~

EXILE ATSUSHI / EXILE 第一章スペシャル・メドレー with 清木場俊介 (EXILE ATSUSHI LIVE TOUR 2016 “IT'S SHOW TIME!!”)
EXILE ATSUSHI LIVE TOUR 2016 ”IT'S SHOW TIME” スペシャルサイト ソロアーティストとして史上初の6大ドームツアー開催の.

JAHCKAL x SHUN HIDALGO x SNK [Corte #3] Beat: Abel Petit ( ) Producción: @bsidecr ...

SHUN -Winter Love Song
内容紹介 「夢があれば未来もある・・・・・」U-20のメッセージがこめられた"今"がここに!リリース前に既に大きな話題を呼んでいる、"噂の18歳"SH...

Love Story (Hyoga and Shun AMV)
Disclaimer : I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING! I know, it is not so good actually, but I enjoy when I made it. I make it for my best friend. Both of us like Hyoga Shun in ...

Silentó - Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae) (Vevo's Dancing For Love w/Fik-Shun)
Silentó - Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae) (Vevo's Dancing For Love w/Fik-Shun) Music never stops. Get the Vevo App! ...

Shun - Over Me (Official Video)
filmed on sony VX1000 camera & edit: Jan Sommer guest vocals: Victoria Köppen Debut EP 'Nothing Quite as Heavy' out on May 11th 2018 via Koepfen ...


Shun Ishiwaka ”Recordings”

嫌いにさせてよ… feat. SHUN (高音質)

Shun tribute Sacrifice
Anime: Saint Seiya (Shun x Ikki x Hyoga) Song: Sacrifice By: Tatoo Please enjoy ^^

Info on album Since the other uploader has made their video private I decided to mirror this nice video.

Shun - Glass To Sand
Shun - Glass To Sand from the Michael In Reign EP Lyrics: We meet every night in broken hope. We meet and never go on. We turn around, like a wheel that's ...

Batallas Ruff & Tuff: SNK vs Shun (RUFF & TUFF TV)
La Liga de Batallas Ruff & Tuff Presenta SNK VS SHUN / / [email protected]

CEHZAR vs SHUN – Final: Final Nacional Costa Rica 2016 – Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos
Revive la Final Nacional de Costa Rica 2016! -- » Subscríbete a Batalla: » La gallera: » Batalla en ...

Shun Hidalgo - Conversación con la Vida [Video Oficial]
Audiovisual oficial del tema "Conversación con la Vida" interpretado por Shun Hidalgo, parte de su album "No han visto ni el 5%" Mix/Master: Phantom Sounds ...

Shun Hidalgo X Soultwo - Turbulencia
Video oficial del tema " Turbulencia " interpretado por Shun Hidalgo junto a Soultwo. Grabación, mezcla y master: Phantom Sounds Instrumental: Soultwo ...

FOETUS - FLOW (2001) - Shun
Not my property or or any copyright implied. Support and buy the music of J.G. Thirlwell, if you like. He's gotten 'round the music block more than a certain Piggy, ...

Shun de Andrômeda - Correntes AMV
Música: Correntes - Hesha Vídeo com cenas do treinamento dele para conquistar a armadura de andrômeda. Obs.: a música foi de fato inspirada no cavaleiro ...

SHUN-Time-Limit feat. Alice
CD (2011/9/7) ディスク枚数: 1 フォーマット: CD+DVD レーベル: Village Again ASIN: B005CKDLV8 家族・仲間・恋人全ての人に伝えたい「Thank U」を始め、今伝...

Monochrome sky. Shimotsuki Shun (Kimura Ryouhei). Japanese, Romaji, English, Russian
words, music: Tsukino Mikoto / arrange, program: GONZO 1Gou / chorus: Ryuta (ex.Ainne Feria) / violin: Tei Seina vocal: Shimotsuki Shun (Kimura Ryouhei) ...

Shun Hidalgo - Soy un rapero (Video Oficial)
Shun Hidalgo - Soy un rapero Mix/Master: Phantom Sounds Audiovisual: Phantom Sounds Cámaras: Andrés Meneses. IG: @shun_hidalgo @phantomsoundscr ...

SHUN HIDALGO - OCTUBRE SIETE Beats por: Dennis Beats, 5th Element, Cesar Cruz, SakroBeat's, JDizz, Tower Beatz, Daga Beatmaker, Elm Beats, Madara ...

Shun vs Mime (latino, fragmento)
Saga de Asgard. Capítulo 10 Derechos reservados TOEI Animation.

Key Glock - Shun Kemp
Key Glock - Shun Kemp (Glock Bond) Download now!

【MV short ver.】SHUN - 180
「レペゼンNEW ERA日本語ダンスホール」 関東次世代若手Deejay筆頭、SHUN 2017/09/20発売の1st full album 「ROMANCE DAWN」 から先行シングル第一弾 「180 」.

Shun Hidalgo - Corazón Adolorido [No han visto ni el 5 %]
MC SHUN- NO HAN VISTO NI EL 5% Descarga Mp3: Beats por: WireBeats, Beatfella, MSB, Camgo Hits, B.Walls, Tower Beats, Rise From ...

Saint Seiya OST 1 - Track 44 - Shun's Pain

Naruto Vs Sasuke AMV - Never Change ( Ending 30 Shun - Lyu Lyu )
Thanks for watching my new AMV - (Naruto Vs Sasuke AMV - Never Change ( Shun - Lyu Lyu ) I hope you liked it! Remember to watch in 720p60ᴴᴰ! Comment ...

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