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PendulumArtist info Pendulum is a drum and bass-influenced electronic rock group from Perth, Australia, who relocated to the UK in 2003. The group (2002) comprises Rob Swire (vocals/synth/producer), Gareth McGrillen (bass guitar/producer/DJ), Perry ap Gwynedd (guitar), Paul 'El Hornet' Harding (DJ), KJ Sawka (drums) and Ben 'The Verse' Mount (MC). While the band has been in a hiatus since 2012, El Hornet and Mc Verse have continued to perform DJ sets using the aliase.In 2005 they released their debut album, Hold Your Colour... Read more

Pendulum - Follower (2004 Version)
just greg remake grab from

Pendulum - Follower (2014 Version) ^^^^ Download link and all 3 available versions. By the way, I'm the chap who uploaded them, even though i have ...

Pendulum - Follower
I DON'T OWN COPYRIGHTS TO ANY OF TRACKS I POST. If You own copyrights and want my video to be removed, message me and I will remove it. Please ...

[Dubstep] Pendulum - Follower
Original Song: Pendulum - Follower Remix: - DL Link:

Pendulum Follower
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, ...

Pendulum - Follower (Intro)
Morceau composée il y a dix ans par Rob et Gareth pendant les sessions de HYC et publié sur Soundcloud fin Septembre 2014.

Follower - Pendulum
I love this song so much. lol.

Concord Dawn - Tonite (Pendulum Remix)
the original 320 kbps studio version (all the other uploads are distorted vinyl) it's in flac though bc it's ripped ...

'Oldschool' - A Pendulum Mix
A compilation of some classics by Pendulum back from the 2003-2005 era before Hold Your Colour was released. (This was done in 1 shot!) TRACKLIST: 1.

Pendulum - Star Wipe Intro (Ø)
Pendulum - Star Wipe (Intro) A cut track from their second album, "In Sillico" PM me if you want the song.

Pendulum - Midnight Runner (2004 Version)

Pendulum Feat. MC Spyda - The Program
I DON'T OWN COPYRIGHTS TO ANY OF TRACKS I POST. If You own copyrights and want my video to be removed, message me and I will remove it. Please ...

Pendulum & Fresh - Kingston Vampires (Lossless)

Pendulum - Blood Sugar (2005 'DJ Fresh' Version)
just greg remake - including the original intro !! (talked over by radio guy during the essential mix) fresh often played this version, sometimes incl the intro (which ...

Pendulum - Another Planet (2003 September 'Silo' Version)
just greg remake this version was made before the release of another planet, where the lads have overthought the tune to the point of them almost finalizing the ...

Fresh - Submarines (Pendulum Remix) (Lossless)
tune was announced in 2003 december, there aren't any demos known of this one, bacteria or the pack of wolves remix, probably due to the pressure of them ...

Pendulum - Countdown (intermission)
clear version.

Pendulum - Spiral
full quality 320 kb/s MP3 (20 khz) , sent by the man paul elhornet harding for us to listen to! big big big up art by beeple a 192 mp3 also exists of this song, which ...

Pendulum Mix Part 2 (DJ Kirtrap)
Pendulum mix made by me :) 0:00 - 1:53 Pendulum - Follower 1:53 - 4:40 Pendulum - Bacteria 4:40 - 7:37 Pendulum - Guns At Dawn 7:37 - 10:34 Noisia ...

Pendulum ft. TC - Plastic World (Demo Version)
just greg remake grab from

Pendulum - The Terminal (Demo Version)
just greg remake, had to reupload grab from

Pendulum - Parameter
Pendulum - Parameter Please click here: to win an iPhone!

Pendulum - ID

Pendulum - Back To You (Early 2003 Version)
from paul harding's soundcloud

Pendulum - No One Knows (2005 Version)
they started making this tune around the summer of 2004 and rob leaked the finished version in 2005, in 320 mp3 when slam reached the top 40 uk charts grab: ...

Pendulum - Moving Forward (VIP)
the intro is also a part of the song. the version of Spiral played after this in dj sets contains the war of worlds samples too.

Pendulum - Another Planet (VIP Mix)
greg's remake grab it from here bonus: theres a 2005 version too ...

Pendulum - Gangster

Pendulum Self Vs Self In Flames
Direct MP3 Download VLOG CHANNEL:

Pendulum - Streamline (Demo Version)
Just Greg remake. grab from

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