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3D Printed WLED - IoT Wave Lamp using Wemos D1 mini and WS2812
I had Wemos D1 mini lying around and come across this cute LED lamp design on Thingiverse. So I decided to print and try it out. It uses WLED application by ...

Testing Sonoff relays with custom firmware
First testing of Sonoff's over MQTT protocol and Node-Red dashboard.

3D Printed IoT NFC Remote using WebSockets / MQTT / Node-Red
I was bored so I made myself IoT NFC Remote . In this video I use it to control Sonoff relays. Basic idea is to have Internet of Things enabled NFC remote, that is ...

Testing RPiTx (Transmitter on GPIO with Raspberry Pi B)
Recorded on 8.2.2016 I bought RPi B with burned HDMI for ADB-S use with RTL-SDR for 15€. While I was playing I discovered that RPi can be used as ...

CROSSHAIR VI HERO + Ryzen7 1700 + RX 580 STRIX + EVO 960
My new main workstation... Sorry, fans are @ 100% cos I mine crypto with all three GPUs + CPU ASUS CROSSHAIR VI HERO Ryzen7 1700 @ 3200MHz ...

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