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O-Shen - Country Boy.
Oshen - "Country Boy", Album "Saltwater Messenger" Produced in Fiji by Magnum Productions Fiji.

Oshen "Island Jewel"
O-shen, Island Jewel, Music video, Produced by Magnum Productions Fiji, Filmed at the Uprising Beach Resort. New release.

o-shen,meri lewa
O-Shen is an American White boy who grew up in the Morobe Provice of my homeland Papua New Guinea. This is for all you heart broken island boys. Wan fit ...

pretty wahine - oshen
lyrics on screen.

O-SHEN "Mi Laik Kam"
O-Shen The White Papuan. Represents MELANESIA!

Salt Water Anthem - O-Shen
This track can be found on the Rising Son Album. I produced this music while on Oahu with Laka Carpenter & Oshen. It was an honor to feature Lopaka ...

O-Shen - Island Warriors
I saw that it wasn't on youtube, so I thought id put it up. part of his very first album which included 'Meri Lewa'

one of the graet songs of Oshen I love Oshen.

Pati feat O-shen Fiji - Island Girls
Island girls not a cover the real deal. Island music.

O-shen - Cool Fever
Cool fever, one of Oshen's lesser known songs but still a good one. PNG represent.

Cover by O-Shen "Anapanapa" from the "1 Rebel" album. Text & Music by Toa'Ura VERSE : 2x 'ANAPANAPA, So bright I TE MAU FETI'A. the stars are tonight 'I ...

O-shen Pacifican Herbsman.avi
Oshen .... Pacifican Herbsman ... Oshen is a recording artist in the Pacific Islands... he is also a surfer and really just a simple island man ... Honolulu is where he ...

Siasi by Oshen
Sing sing blong ples Siasi!

O-SHEN - Rebel Rockin
This song is from the "Rize of the Morning Star" compilation album (2012) , and the "Tropical Storm" (2013) album..Written and sung by O-SHEN, Produced By ...

♥♫♪ Melanesia - Oshen ♥♫♪
READ FIRST*** DISCLAIMER!!!!!! Disclaimer: This video is purely fan made, and I am not making any profit. I do not own the pics or the songs I used, they ...

Meri Lewa - O-Shen
Because we love you guys so much, we're giving away FREE MyKaraoke customize background of your picture and your choice of Songs. These invites are ...

Oshen - Meri Lewa
I've got the translations from Here it is. Girl of My Heart (Meri Lewa) For all you boys who are ...

meri lewa (lyrics by Oshen)
Meri lewa means Sweetheart... by Oshen....... jammmmm, enjoy...n be tipsy..... lolzz Girl of My Heart (Meri Lewa) For all you boys who ...

O-shen - Tropically Fine
PNG Musik. Oshen - Tropically fine i'm loving your design smiling in the night i see your eyes reflect the moonshine.

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