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Lisa OrigliassoArtist info Lisa Marie Origliasso (born 25th December 1984 in Brisbane, Australia) is one half of The Veronicas. She is the younger twin of Jessica Origliasso and is younger by one minute. She is also 1 inch shorter than Jessica, with Lisa being 5'1 and Jessica being 5'2.Her hair colour is naturally black and has kept it dark ever since... Read more

Lisa Marie - Monster with lyrics on screen
Made this for beautiful monster Lisa Marie by @Wumethree Facebook Twitter ...

The Veronicas - Untouched (Video)
The Veronicas on Facebook: The Veronicas on Twitter: Lisa's Instagram: Jess' Instagram: ...

Shallow by Lisa Origliasso (The Veronicas)
Shallow by Lisa Origliasso ( The Veronicas) If I knew this was goodbye, would I have kissed you longer or punched you in the face? And if I knew you wouldn't ...

New Empire - Ghosts [Unplugged Live] Feat. Lisa Origliasso
Buy 'Ghosts' on iTunes - SYMMETRY on iTunes Listen to latest record, ...

Lisa Origliasso Funny Moments :D
aki les dejo un video de los momentos mas divertidos de lisa from the veronicas muy comico :D.

Lisa Origliasso - Just The Way You Are
Lisa You're amazing and everyday I admire you and I love you ... Thanks for being you... You're just amazing 3 My beautiful role model.

Dead Cool Dropouts - Write You Off *LYRICS* (Lisa Origliasso & Tyler Bryant)
LYRICS ALSO DOWN HERE *--- This is my first lyrics video, so it's not even perfect at all. And I'm not really good at it at all, but I just really like the song. I hope ...

The Veronicas - On Your Side (Written & Directed by Ruby Rose)
The Veronicas' new single 'On Your Side' is out now: Follow Jessica & Lisa: Instagram: ...

Dead Cool Dropouts - Write You Off
Lisa Marie Origliasso & Tyler Bryant For those who would like to download the song here's the link:

We ♥ Lisa Marie Origliasso
Dedicated to a very beautiful woman-Lisa Marie Origliasso ♥ WE LOVE YOU! Video was edited by Sara Veronica,follow me on twitter: ...

lisa origliasso sweet moments!!!!! the veronicas
lisa origliasso she is adorable.......sweet moments!!!!

Waking up Lis
"Every morning she wake up like dis"

"Blame it on me" - Dead Cool Dropouts
Written by Tyler Bryant and Lisa Marie Produced by Seth Jones.

Lisa Origliasso - Veronica Lodge

Hook Me Up Live The Veronicas Grand Rapids July 12th 2009 Jessica Jess Lisa Origliasso
Hook Me Up Live The Veronicas Grand Rapids July 12th 2009 Jessica Jess Lisa Origliasso.

Lisa & Deann.
This is For Lisa & Dean. (Y)

LIsa Marie - So Beautiful (subtitulos)
Lisa Origliasso

Dead Cool Dropouts (Lisa Origliasso - Tyler Bryant) - Green Eyes Make Me Blue
awesome song + Lyric Lyrics: Lonely but not alone These city lights can not make this home And it's too damn cold tonight And I forget all the reasons why I try ...

A letter to Lisa Marie Origliasso.
I apologize for my accent and my English, I am Belgian. I made this video for Lisa with all my love. Lisa Marie is my angel.

PYRO-Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown w/ Lisa Veronica
Exit/In Nashville, TN Tyler Bryant, Noah Denney, Graham Whitford, Caleb Crosby + Lisa Veronica.

Green Eyes Make Me Blue- Lisa Origliasso and Tyler Bryant
all rights reserved. i'm sorry if the lyrics are wrong. i just kind of wrote down what I heard. thank you @sammelina12 for letting me know :20 - :25 is a picture of ...

Lisa Origliasso after show

Lisa Marie - So beautiful (Cover)
Lisa Marie sings So beautiful By Pete Murray. Just.. She leaves me speechless. ♥ Http://

Michael Paynter Novocaine feat Lisa and Jess LIVE
Michael Paynter Feat Jess and Lisa Origliasso LIVE at Revolver 7/04/2010 Melbourne.

Lisa and Reeve performing together (The Veronicas & Carney)
The Veronicas and Carney together @ the Secret Acoustic Show!! Gotta love Twitter!

Çektiğim Bir Kaç Fotoğraf ve Speechless The Veronicas Jessica & Lisa Origliasso

Back To Black Cover- Lisa Origliasso
Lisa Origliasso from The Veronicas doing a cover of Back To Black by Amy Winehouse This is not me nor is it my video, I just wanted to share because she's one ...

Dead Cool Dropouts- JU JU YA YA
JU JU YA YA. Recorded at The Bombay Palace. Written by T. Bryant & L. Origliasso. Produced by Tyler Bryant.

Pyro- Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown w/ Lisa Veronica
Love this song. I had the perfect spot to video this. :) Exit/In, Nashville, TN 4-12-13.

UPDATE from the office;)
The Veronicas on Facebook: The Veronicas on Twitter: Lisa's Instagram: Jess' Instagram: ...

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