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Cucked by the Girlfriend Hypnofantasy (18+)
(18+) Your relationship will never be the same. Embark on this fantasy where you are cucked and trained to be your girlfriend and the bull's sissy slave.

Harpy HypnoFantasy (18+)
(18+) A fantasy where you go through a relaxing and healing forest only to have a Harpy abduct you and strike fear in your soul as she uses her talons on you ...

SuccubusTransformation Fantasy Hypnosis
18+ A hypnosis that takes you on an imagination fueled journey of becoming a succubus. If you like what I do and want to see more and support me, every dollar ...

Cat Girl Hypnosis: Guided Relaxation Hypno Fantasy (Witch Encounter) (Transformation) A fun hypno fantasy. Prepare to be enchanted and transformed.

Vampire Seductress Hypnosis Redux: Hypnotic Relaxation Session This video was previously released but there was a problem with the last version of the video. So here it is again, reloaded.

Brainwashed to be a Dog (18+)

Slave Hypnosis; Feminization (Male to Female Hypnosis) (Half Hour Transformation) (18+) (REQUEST) Please only view if you are over 18. Please read the opening credits of the video. It's recommended that the viewer ...

Introduction Into Trance - Patterns
For my Hypnofantasy friends.. find the PATTERN and with the prize. For all others it may not make much sense.

Fiona Clearwater: Hypno Fetish Sample
Full MP3 Link: Website: This is a sample of a new premium audio file from Fiona ...

ASMR Husbando Roleplay: Moving In With Your New Centaur Roommate
Monster Musume inspired! My Discord: Gaming Channel: My Twitter: ...

Cow Milking Hypnosis (18+)
18+ A hypnosis that is aimed for a cow slut to be contolled by her own hormones as she becomes enslaved to her fuck machine and begs to be milked.

Hypnotic Bind 2- Erotic Hypnosis with Liv Wilde
Three years ago, on your pursuit for the ultimate HANDS FREE ORGASM, Liv gave you HYPNOTIC BIND. You craved it, you loved it, and you begged for more.

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