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OMG THIS TOOK 4 FUCKING DAYS TO MAKE AAAAAAAAA!!!! sorry it's so sketchy !! also 312 frames so ya hope you like ittt :) SONG: "Beautiful" - Heathers ...

"Candy Store" - in the Recording Studio
"You can fly with eagles - or if you prefer - keep on testing me and end up like her"... SO VERY Footage from the recording of the #HeathersMusical Cast Album!

Heathers - Candy Store - Karaoke/Sing With Me: You Sing Heather Duke
Vocals for Heather Chandler, Heather McNamara and 'Gals' performed by Kristen Ryan. Instrumental track by Piano Lab: ...

Candy Store - Hasty Pudding Gala 3.10.14
And you didn't believe our Heathers are larger than life. From the March 10 2014 Hasty Pudding Gala at Lincoln Center. Charissa Hogeland as Heather ...

Heathers - Candy Store - Vocal Guide: Heather Chandler
Only Heather Chandler's vocals so you can learn her part. Then when you're ready, head over to her karaoke track: Vocals ...

Heathers The Musical (Off-Broadway): All released HD clips
I know that there are other short clips of Heathers The Musical (Off-Broadway). These clips are just all the ones with sound. ⚠️

the heathers the musical cast recording but it's only heather chandler
Jessica Keenan Wynn is so amazing I want to cry.

Heathers: The Movie VS Heathers: The Musical
WHAT'S YOUR DAMAGE, HEATHER?! Heathers: The Movie Veronica-Winona Ryder J.D.-Christian Slater H. Chandler-Kim Walker H. McNamara-Lisanne Falk ...

The Heathers on "Finding Your Inner B!%*h"
Ever wanted to know what it's like to be applauded for finding your inner b!%*h? chats with our Heathers on #HeathersMusical. Note: We love the ...

Heathers "Candy Store" (Charissa Hogeland)
I DO NOT OWN THIS, it's for entertaining purposes only * from "Heathers, the Musical". It was a great movie, I just wish the musical had lasted longer.

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