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Crying Holy(Official Version)- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
Hasan Green & Friends of God sings an original, "Crying Holy". Pure worship reaches the heart of God. I love ministering with these Guys F.O.G.- Hasan Green, ...

Lord You've Been So Good-- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
Here's one of my fav's by the Anointed HInds Sisters of opelika al.. I love their ministry, hope you enjoy our rendition of their song.

God Can Deliver- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
CD AVAILABLE ON ITUNES.COM a new song I wrote,featured on my upcoming album, ATLANTIC. Friends of God, chris warren, randall nunn, corvious scott, ...

Washing Machine(Official Version)- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
Jesus Washed Me in the washing Machine- Hasan Green & Friends of God. WE love singing this one! hope you guys enjoy.! I love ministering with these guys.

Jesus Is On the Main Line- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
fellowshipping with my friends. I love these guys Monte Hammon leading! lol sing monte we always love just having fun!

Make Me Over- Randall Nunn & F.O.G.
I love this song... this is the revised version Written by Randall nunn, Arranged by Hasan Green.. Randall thanks for allowing your gift to bless this ministry!!! love ...

GREEN(Official Version)- Hasan Green & F.O.G
Here is its GREEN, my new song, with bgv's and musicians. I really love the final product! hope you guys are blessed and encouraged.. friends of god: Corvious ...

Leaning On the Everlasting Arms- Hasan & F.O.G.
I love harmonizing and singing hymns... yaaaay randall nunn, zach nelson, hasan green.

Hasan Green & F.O.G. *Midnight Praise*
Hasan Green & F.o.G Ministers @ MIdnight Praise Faith Temple Lagrange GA.

I Got It- Hasan Green & Fog
Hasan Green & Friends of God ministers at Edgefield baptist in FAyeteville Ga.

Saved- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
Hasan Green's live recording, Atlantic Saved- written by hasan green THis song came from my heart april 23, true deliverance holiness auburn al.

I Know It Was Jesus- Randall Nunn & FOG
man o man, I just love singing with my bros.!! Hasan Green, Randall Nunn, Zach Nelson, Chris Warren.

Hasan Green & F.O.G. Praise Break
Praise Break 2010 , God can Deliver Northport, al Mt Pilgrim Baptist Hasan Green & Friends of God.

Omg I sooo love to sing this song!!! Thank you Jesus for saving me edgefield baptist, fayetteville ga.

Amazing Grace- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
booooy how I love singing old skool gospel and singing it with these guys just makes it even better.. Hasan Green,(bottom) RAndall Nunn (middle) Courtney ...

Saved- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
Saved: By Hasan Green. download on today.

F.O.G. sings "Hold On" by the Walls Group
Disclaimer: I, HASAN GREEN WAS HOARSE lol, thanks.. we are all fans of the walls group and this is a mighty good song..!! mr kc moore on the keys.

Gotta Made Up Mind-- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
hasan green and friends of god ministers @ bethel baptist in Ashland Al.

God Will-- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
HASAN green's live recording "Atlantic" april 23, 2010 true deliverance holiness....

Hasan Green & F.O.G Kentucky Rehearsal
Hasan Green & Friends of God in cave city kentucky trying to rehearse and get it right,. lol Just having some fun.. playing around Had to use the bass player, (K ...

Jesus Is My Gps- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
download this song from Itunes. Hasan Green & Friends of God Jesus is my gps.

My Whole Life Has Changed- Hasan Green & FOG
hasan green & fog sings at surprise birthday banquet in Millbrook, Al.. My WHole Life has changed- by lee williams.

Hasan Green Reunion with F.O.G. Pt1
I looooveeee singing with my friends... no music... just hand claps and voices..

*Birthday Musical*-- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
birthday musical for morris stewart... Atlanta Ga Hasan Green & f.o.g. Green, Crying Holy, & Saved..

**New Song**GREEN-- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
here's the new song I wrote called "GREEN" singing with Friends of God.. (rehearsal) Hasan Green, Corvious Scott, Courtney Davis, & Bryan Green.

Jingle Bells- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
now this was fun. lol 3am singing christmas Pastor shaemun (camera man) going in! lol we just decided to groove this one up a bit.

More Than Anything(live)- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
More Than Anything--- Lamar Campbell Hasan Green & Friends of God ministers live @ open mic. Tower of Prayer , Leeds, Al.

Jesus Is My Gps(audio)-- Hasan Green & F.O.G.
Now AVAILABLE ON ITUNES!!! DOWNLOAD IT TODAY!! Atlantic Album coming soon! Here's 1 song for you guys to enjoy.. Look to buy the album! Hope you ...

It's In My Heart- Hasan Green & Randall Nunn
singing in Hamilton ga, I was hoarse, so i called randall up to sing with me, I truly love his ministry, he's so passionate and genuine when it comes to ministry , I ...

Hasan Green Unplugged ~Crying Holy~

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