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The CricketsArtist info The Crickets were the backing band formed by singer/songwriter Buddy Holly in the 1950s. It consisted of Jerry Allison (drums), Joe B Mauldin (bass) and Nikki Sullivan (rhythm guitar).Many believe that The Crickets chose their name while listening to a playback of "I'm Gonna Love You Too." This is not true; the name was chosen while going through an encyclopedia of names... Read more

SOBER x SUBURBIA #StayBlessed (Lyrics in description)
SUBURBIA by S O B E R from Hazel Crest, IL follow us on twitter! @soberkami7 @slaterbeats @slumpedghost #StayBlessed LYRICS: Stuck in the monotone, ...

Decadez (1980s- 2080s) Hip Hop Musik
1980s. A time where music was more on rapping about what was happening, such as: politics, life, neighborhoods. It was also when hip hop first got started.

filthy stringed love letter
thanks for watching let me know what you think. are you ready? let's go deco echo let go of every fear you saved i know chartists artists the smartest people here ...

update: The contest is now closed! ( 1:46 CLICK to listen to new song) ----- I made Top 10!! Now I need YOUR votes to get to Top 3!

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