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Wallis Bird - Heatbeating City (Official Video)
Wallis Bird official clip for HEARTBEATING CITY taken from the 3rd Wallis album that is to be released on the 9th of March 2012. The album will be self titled.

Heartbeating City - Wallis Bird
Music & Lyrics by Wallis Bird. From the eponymous album "Wallis Bird" (2012). Please support the artist :)

Wallis Bird Heartbeating City
The Bird team rocking out in Moritz Bastei Leipzig 17/04/2012.

Wallis Bird - Heartbeating City
Ausschnitt aus dem Konzert im Hamburger Knust am 28. März 2012. Was soll ich sagen: Es war fantastisch!

Wallis Bird Heartbeating city
[email protected] Mai Roma 03/03/2013.

Wallis Bird performs 'I'm So Tired Of That Line' for BalconyTV Dublin Subscribe to us right now at 'Like' us on Facebook ...

wallis bird - heartbeating city (köln performance)
heartbeating city by wallis bird :: recorded at kulturkirche, köln on 27th march, 2012. performed by wallis bird, aoife o'sullivan, michael vinne, aidan and christian ...

Wallis Bird - Heartbeating City
Wallis Bird singing Heartbeating City acapella at the Ruby Works 10 year anniversary in The Olympia Theatre Dublin.

A Tribute to the song Heartbeating City by Wallis Bird
A little memory of our road trip in Ireland - 6 germans on tour with Wallis Bird & Band - Concerts in Wexford, Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Galway.

Wallis Bird Heartbeating City Duisburg 30.06.2012
Wallis Bird Heartbeating City in Duisburg Park-Kult-Tour am 30.06.2012.

Heartbeating City - WalliS BirD
Singer: HeartbeatinG City Song: Wallis bird Director of video: #DTW (FEAbram) Facebook page: BaD DeeD BaD ThoughT BaD WorD Thanks for Attention.

Wallis Bird Heartbeating City
25 October 2012.

Wallis Bird - Heartbeating city @ Salumeria della musica. 28/05/2012

Wallis Bird - Heartbeating City - live at Kaserne, Basel
Wallis Bird and her band-mates Aidan, Christian Vinne and Michael Vinne perform the new single of Wallis' new album in Basel.

Wallis Bird ~ Heartbeating City live @Kulturkirche Köln 2012
Fantastic acoustic session of the new song "Heartbeating City" live at the rocking show at cultural church "Kulturkirche Köln" on March 27, 2012.

Wallis Bird - Heartbeating City, 19.4.2012 Jena
the amazing WALLIS BIRD at the F-Haus in Jena.

Wallis Bird - Heartbeating city @ El Barrio. 02/03/13
All rights reserved to their respective owners.

Wallis Bird - Measuring Cities
Do you remember Paris in October?

Wallis Bird - Heartbeating city @Park-Kult-Tour 2012
Wallis at Park-Kult-Tour in Duisburg, 2012-06-30. A nice and cheap festival with many artists like Stereolove, Thees Uhlmann...etc. "Heartbeating city" is a ...

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