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Traditional Irish Music - Kesh Jig (Accordion)
Amazing and classic irish song (Also famous cause of the "Saltydog" song from Flogging Molly). Hope you like it. Please comment and rate.

Irish Accordion Lesson - The Kesh Jig.
An accordion tutorial of the classic Irish jig "The Kesh". See my channel for other accordion tutorials of Klezmer, Folk, Cumbia, Latin American & Brazilian music.

Kesh Jig (Accordion) (Acordeón)
AKA Kerrigan's Jig; Kincora Jig The Jig (Irish: port) is a form of lively folk dance in compound meter, as well as the accompanying dance tune. It developed in ...

Irish Piano Tutorial - The Kesh Jig (Demonstration)
In Peter's full course he goes in great detail on how to accompany The Kesh Jig (amongst other tunes as well). Here we get a glimpse at how he accompanies ...

Irish Piano Accordion Lesson | Learn An Irish Session Tune + Bass Technique
In this Irish piano accordion tutorial you can learn a great Irish session tune and get some top technique tips on playing bass and Basic ornamentation and left ...

The Kesh Jig
The Kesh jig, played by me (B/C button accordion) and me (bouzouki). Higher-quality audio at:

Kesh jig - Accordion Cover

The Kesh Jig
Paraic and Liam O'Connor play the mighty Kesh, a great Irish session tune at McNeela studios in Baldoyle, Dublin. Read more here: ...

Sinéad Healy plays Scoil Acla: Traditional Irish Music from
Connect with us: Piano accordion player Sinéad Healy plays a set of ...

The Kesh Jig (with accordion)
Du willst mich unterstützen? Klick auf diesen Link für deinen nächsten Amazon-Einkauf und du unterstützt mich, ohne einen Cent mehr ...

KESH JIG - Accordion cover.
This one was kinda hard, I have to say! "Kesh Jig", from a brasilian teen. Accordion tune: B & C. I want to thank Renato Müller, who teached me this music.

The Kesh Jig - Smash the Windows - Kenny Gillies
Live performance by The Stowes. A set of Trad jigs performed at a local session with Padstow Brewing Company.

Irish Jig-Accordion
Clap and dance along to the Irish Jig!

Trip to the Cottage Jig | Traditional Irish Jigs | Irish Button Accordion Base & Right Hand Help

Vlog #2 - Irish Traditional Music on the Piano Accordion
In this episode, I'm talking about my relationship with the piano accordion in Irish Music. WARNING - nerdy stuff! The Gear I use: Connect ...

The Kesh Jig with some ornamentation
Some of the most popular ornaments in Irish tunes. Again, mistakes and all.

"Kesh Jig" Irish Jig piano accompaniment

#3 - Kesh Jig / Donnybrook Jig (TradSoc Charity CD 2013)
Track #3 from TradSoc's Charity CD 2013 in aid of UCD Volunteers Overseas, featuring members of the UCD Traditional Music Society.

Traditional irish music accordion
David keating button accordion.

Traditional Irish Jigs (Gillian's Apples/The Lilting Fisherman/The Pride of Leinster)
I played around with camera angles for the first time to make it a little more interesting. Enjoy! INSTAGRAM: thelucyriddett WEBSITE:

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