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TheoryBiography There are currently (6) artists using the name "Theory" (1) Hip-Hop artist from Boston, MA. Part of Merk Productions. (2010-current) (2) UK based Drum'n'bass (Jungle) producer (2005 - current) (3) Hip-Hop artist from Yonkers,New York, USA (1998 - current) (4) Hip-Hop/Folk/other solo artist from Brighton, UK (1994 - Current) Now "Theory 77". (5) Hybrid Rock/Metal band from New Jersey, USA (2000 - 2003) (6) Early noise/electronic experimental music (1975-1976)
Tags: Drum and bass, jungle, dnb, Drum n Bass, drumfunk,

Similar artists: ezeekil, Kytel, Method One, Tim Reaper, Double O,

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