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The Best Of THE BROTHERS FOUR [Stereo] Tracklist: 01. The Green Leaves Of Summer 02. Four Strong Winds 03.

The Brothers Four's Greatest Hits The Best Of The Brothers Four
If you enjoy the songs, please subscribe me 00:00 Green Fields 03:02 Try to remember 05:59 The Green leave of summer If you like The Brothers four, you may ...

GREEN LEAVES OF SUMMER The Brothers Four-Campfire 10
Brothers Four sing one of their most successful songs. (rights secured). Along with "Green Fields" this song secured The Brothers Four's place in popular folk ...

The Brothers Four - Five Hundred Miles (Live)
"Playlist Best of The Brothers Four Subscribe for more" Music video by The Brothers Four performing Five Hundred ...

TRY TO REMEMBER The Brothers Four-Campfire 14
The Brothers Four sing "Try to Remember." This is a song that reminds us and lets us remember all the Septembers in our lives.

00:00 Try To Remember 02:59 Lady Greensleeves 06:09 Four Strong Winds 08:54 Jamaica Farewell 11:55 The Midnight Special 14:47 500 Miles 17:40 Come ...

Green Fields - Brothers Four (CD Quality)
Once there were green fields kissed by the sun Once there were valleys where rivers used to run Once there were blue skies with white clouds high above Once ...

SCARLET RIBBONS The Brothers Four-Campfire 13
The Brothers Four perform "Scarlet Ribbons." This is a song about the magical connection between the singer and his daughter. Mike McCoy does a masterful ...

The Brothers Four - Calypso Medley
Fraternity brothers at the University of Washington in Seattle, The Brothers Four began singing together in 1956 and by the 1960s they had become America's ...

Brothers Four - Island in the sun (1963)
Consulte también el canal "Gato Nando"( NOTE: No attempt to violate copyright.Copyrights ...

Goodnight Irene - The Brothers Four
A wonderful version of the "Gordon Jenkins and The Weavers" hit of 1950. Please find lyrics below. *** THE BROTHERS FOUR Bob Flick, John Paine, Mike ...

The Brothers Four / 500 Miles

The Brothers Four - Green Fields (Medley) 【720P】 グリーンフィールズ
The Brothers Four Number Medley 「Green Fields」~グリーンフィールズ)~ 「Michael, Row The Boat Ashore」~こげよマイケル~ 「Ano Subarashii Ai o ...

GREENFIELDS The Brothers Four-Campfire 8
For the first time in perhaps 50 years, the Brothers Four simply sing with cameras rolling.

The Brothers Four - Island In The Sun (Live)
"Playlist Best of The Brothers Four Subscribe for more" Music video by The Brothers Four performing Island In The Sun ...

The Brothers Four - Four Strong Winds (Live)
"Playlist Best of The Brothers Four Subscribe for more" The Brothers Four perform "Four Strong Winds" live at UCLA.

TURN AROUND The Brothers Four-Campfire 11
This is a group and audience favorite that The Brothers Four continue to perform after nearly 50 years.

The Brothers Four - Greenfields (Mitch Miller Show)
The Brothers Four are an American folk singing group, founded in 1957 in Seattle, Washington, known for their 1960 hit song "Greenfields". Bob Flick, John ...

Brothers Four - Angelique-O

Brothers Four - Seven Daffodils
Brothers Four - Seven Daffodils I may not have mansion, I haven't any land Not even a paper dollar to crinkle in my hands But I can show you morning on a ...

The Brothers Four - Greensleeves
"Greensleeves" - tytuł piosenki, to po polsku dosłownie: "Zielone rękawy". The Brothers Four -- śpiewają przepięknie, ale.. - wbrew nazwie zespołu, nie są ...


JAMAICA FAREWELL by The Brothers Four
This calypso-style song was recorded in 1963. The pictorial is from vintage and antique photos from the colonial occupation.

Green Fields - The Brothers Four

Brothers Four - The House of the Rising Sun

Brothers Four - Yellow Bird

The Brothers Four ~ Try to Remember
Try to Remember The Brothers Four TRIBUTE to The Brothers Four.

Shenandoah - The Brothers Fours
Oh Shenandoah, I long to hear you Far away, you rollin' river Oh Shenandoah, I long to hear you Away. I'm bound away 'Cross the wide Missouri. For seven ...

green fields・Try to remember・The Brothers Four
green fields・Try to remember The Brothers Four.

Brothers Four - Blue Water Line

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