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StriktlickersBiography Striktlickers needs no introduction. The status surrounding this band in the true käng-scene is amongst the highest. Striktlickers are one of few surviving in today's scene that have stayed true to their origins and have not jumpted onto the "PK-crust" bandwagon. ANNO 2006 - Striktlickers was birthed when Viktor, Alice and PK-Johan formed a grim alliance. Discography: Daily life sucks ( demo, 2007) Carnage in Örebro (live-tracks, 2008) Ångest i Uppsala (live-tracks, 2008)
Tags: Crust, grindcore, d-beat, swedish, bomjecore,

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Striktlickers - Drink And Destroy (FULL EP)
01 - Piller och pilsner 02 - Victims of the holocaust 03 - Daily life sucks 04 - Drink and destroy 05 - Alcohol 06 - A walking disaster 07 - Sexistjäve 08 - Supa och ...

Track taken from "Kniven Ger - Kniven Tar" tape album on Skuggsidan Productions. For more information visit

Striktlickers - Into the Void
"Into the void" by Striktlickers. Fuck humanism, fuck the universe. Tear cosmos asunder, sieg heil sathanas! Ho drakon - Ho megas!

Striktlickers - Fuck Norway
Striktlickers - Fuck Norway (heil breivik) from last recording this summer the same weekend brevik had his last party. From the new album Kniven tar, Kniven ger, ...

Striktlickers 3 unreleased songs
Three unreleased tracks from Striktlickers, from the unreleased demos "Into the void" and "Kniven tar, kniven ger". Will probably be released in the future. 1.

Striktlickers - Jag hatar mitt liv (Anti-Bråjlers)
Käng from Borlänge, Sweden. Vocals: Viktor, guitar and backing vocals: Alice, bass: Nicklas, drums: Marcus. This song was originally made by Anti-Bråjlers.

Bombanfall - S/T EP + Asiktfrihet EP (FULL EP´s)
01 - ogon i morkret 0:00 02 - asiktsfrihet 0:36 03 - aforismer 2:23 04 - iskallt regn 4:00 05 - halsning fran helvetet 5:38 06 -mot en stralande framtid 7:20 ...

Striktlickers - Jag hatar mitt liv (Anti-Bråjlers)

striktlickers live in uppsala
live in uppsala 30;th november.

Striktlickers - Drinking again live at war and hate festival
Striktlickers - Drinking again live at war and hate festival sweden, sorry about the gay sound on guitar. I was tired and confuzed.

Striktlickers - Supa och stupa

Striktlickers - Sexistjävel

Striktlickers - Daily life sucks Reherseal
Striktlickers - Daily life sucks reherseal version from the replokat at tjärnaängar.

Striktlickers - Alcohol
Striktlickers Swedish d-beat crust punk band.

Destruccion - Makineros Hijos De Puta (FULL ALBUM )
01 - guerra final 0:00 02 - antidisturbios 1:15 03 - sus hijos se mueren 2:45 04 - masacre 4:03 05 - arnedo de mierda 5:59 06 - crimenes de guerra 7:48 07 - no ...

Striktlickers - Victims of the holocaust
Striktlickers d-beat crust punk band from Sweden.

Striktlickers - Piller Och Pilsner
From the album "Drink And Destroy".

Striktlickers @ Drägglock II
Live @ Ungdomens Hus 31 oct 2008.

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