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Steve Dinsdale The Other Side part III
Steve Dinsdale "The other side" part III excerpt.

Steve Dinsdale Solo Live Debut @ Awakenings 14/4/12
Steve takes time out from Radio Massacre International, to perform part 2 of "The Vast Key", his new solo album, as part of his solo live debut at Awakenings.

Steve Dinsdale Wright On
Steve Dinsdale Wright On track from album New Church CD : Released June 2009 : Northern Echo Recordings.

Steve Dinsdale - Live 14-04-12
A clip from Steve's debut solo concert at Awakenings in Burton, UK on 14-04-12. Steve is perhaps better known as a member of the band Radio Massacre ...

Steve Dinsdale E-live 28 april 2012 De Enck Oirschot
Steve Dinsdale E-live 28 april 2012 De Enck Oirschot Special solo act.

Drumming in Vondelpark, The Netherlands, April 2012
1 euro to play 5 minutes on their drums was an opportunity I couldn't miss.

Horse listening to Soft Machine
An unidentified horse enjoying a bit of prime 1970 Soft Machine courtesy of my car stereo.

Levitation -Part 1 Intro/Sweaty Thing/Against Nature/Usher @ Paris La Locamotive 24/5/91
Ultimate Records night in Paris along with The Honey Smugglers & The Belltower... many thanks once again to Steve Dinsdale!!!

Jonny & Lynnette's Country Weekend

Jordan Dinsdale Quintet @Seven Arts Leeds 14-5-17
Will Howard sax, Will Blackstone trumpet, George Macdonald piano, Sam Quintana bass, Jordan Dinsdale drums.

Over-the-Top Reaction to Stove Top
50th birthday gift lovingly sent to Kathy in England from friends back home in America, Nancy and Brent.

DAS RAD - Robinson Archer & Dinsdale live at Bishops' House
Closing passages from the debut performance by this trio of diverse artists at a medieval building in Sheffield. June 24 2016 Nick Robinson A former member of ...

Jordan Dinsdale Quartet @Seven Arts 14-5-17
Will Howard sax, George Macdonald piano, Sam Quintana bass Jordan Dinsdale drums.

RMI Lost In Transit CD-r 1 The Gatherings 2004 fragments
Radio Massacre International comprises Steve Dinsdale (Keyboards, Electronics, Drums) Duncan Goddard (Keyboards, Electronics, Bass) and Gary Houghton ...

DAS RAD - Robinson Archer & Dinsdale live in Sheffield 23/07/16
A moment from the performance by DAS RAD at the 3 Cranes, Sheffield on 23rd July 2016. They are a relatively new outfit, consisting of: Nick Robinson A former ...

Steve Brand - Return of the Masters
album: Sunprints

Levitation - Part 5 Bedlam @ Town & Country Club July 1991
Many Thanks to Steve Dinsdale ...smuggler of honey and other fine aural artefacts.

11.11.2017 100 Murmurists - Zone F
Musicians: Steve Dinsdale, Martin Archer, Jan Todd, Lorin Jasper Halsall, Herve Perez, Martin Pyne.

Richard Dinsdale - The Ghetto (Original Club Mix)
Download on Beatport: Subscribe to Spinnin' TV : Spotify: G+ ...

Cosmic Smokers - Live at Awakenings 19-07-14 pt.2
A second clip from the Cosmic Smokers live performance at Awakenings in Burton UK on 19-07-14. The band at this time were Adrian Beasley, John Christian, ...

Rachel Flowers - Keith Emerson Tribute Concert Birmingham, UK - 28.07.2017
Piano Concerto No. 1 - Third Movement: Toccata con Fuoco with The Keith Emerson Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Terje Mikkelsen.

100 Murmurists - 11.11.2017 - St Margaret's Church, Manchester, UK
For this live, cross-disciplinary incarnation of Murmurists, multi-media artist Anthony Donovan brought together 100 accomplished veterans of the improv and ...

Catcher - Predictable
Catcher playing "Predictable" live and acoustic on SHCR with Steve Dinsdale. Website: iTunes: ...

Engine Room Favourites
Martin Archer / saxophones Laura Cole /piano, Corey Mwamba / vibraphone, Graham Clarke / violin, Pete Fairclough, Walt Shaw, Johnny Hunter & Steve ...

Steve Tilston playing his salute to Davy Graham on a newly finished handmade guitar by Bill Dinsdale.

Radio Massacre International - Emissaries (Album Preview)
Album preview of Radio Massacre International's album Emissaries, released by Cuneiform Records. Steve Dinsdale - Keyboards Duncan Goddard - Keyboards ...

DAS RAD recording sessions
The band (Martin Archer, Steve Dinsdale, Nick Robinson) working on their debut album with Jan Todd at the desk...

RMI Lost In Transit CD-r 2 National Space Center 2005 fragments
Lost In Transit 2: National Space Center 2005 Radio Massacre International comprises Steve Dinsdale (Keyboards, Electronics, Drums) Duncan Goddard ...

Levitation - Rapido 1991.wmv
Welcome to the inaugural video of the Levitation Archive... it is our mission to bring the wonderful music and associated footage of Levitation to the endeavouring ...

Cosmic Smokers - Live at Awakenings 19-07-14
A clip from the Cosmic Smokers concert at Awakenings in Burton UK on 19-07-14. At this time the Smokers are Adrian Beasley, John Christian, Michael Daniel, ...

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