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Spitfire Walkthrough - Hans Zimmer Piano
A first look at our new piano library coproduced with the legendary Hans Zimmer. Hans has found inspiration on many late nights in the Hall at Air Studios where ...

Selects: Hans Zimmer Piano, London Contemporary Orchestra Strings & Enigma
Homay takes us through her composition 'Channels Charged' using Spitfire Audio sample libraries; Hans Zimmer Piano, London Contemporary Orchestra ...

Spitfire Playthrough - Hans Zimmer Piano: Ben Onono performs Rachmaninoff Op23 No 7
Our good friend Ben Onono puts the Hans Zimmer Piano through its paces - here he has used Spot mic D and the Tree mics - for his performance of the popular ...

Kurztest (by NUMINOS): Spitfire Audio - Hans Zimmer Piano
Numinos ist DJ, Autor und Produzent. Zudem unterrichtet am Institut für Populäre Musik (Bochum) im Bereich Sound und Effekte. Er schreibt u.a. für Groove und ...

Spitfire Presents: Hans Zimmer Piano Teaser
Hans introduces the new piano library produced in collaboration with Spitfire Audio.

Product Feature - What Is The Best Piano For Drama?
Join Christian Henson on his career-long quest to find the perfect virtual piano for drama. Trawling through Spitfire's large catalogue of pianos and faves from ...

Hans Zimmer Piano - Spitfire Audio - Demo (Beethoven)
Hans Zimmer Piano - Spitfire Audio - Demo (Beethoven) Hans ...

Spitfire Walkthrough - Hans Zimmer Percussion
A first look at the new Hans Zimmer Percussion library from Spitfire Audio!

Spitfire Tutorials - Hans Zimmer Piano: Culling Sample Content
Find out how to strip back your sample content for our Hans Zimmer Piano, so you can keep what you prefer!

Spitfire Playthrough - Grand Piano in a song context
I've had some more requests to hear the Orchestral Grand playing with just the close mics, tape setting, a typical 'songwriter' style part - this is a short live improv ...

The Hans Zimmer Composer Round Table
Spitfire Audio presents a rare insight into the workings of some of the finest film composers. A round table discussion with (From left) Ramin Djawadi, Jacob ...

Daniel James rant on Hans Zimmer Strings
"I wanted to push a key and fucking Jack Sparrow to smack me in the face with his dick"

Spitfire Audio : Hans Zimmer Strings - The Samplecast Big Review
Big Review section of The Samplecast show 70 - Spitfire Audio : Hans Zimmer Strings More information on Hans Zimmer Strings ▻ The ...

Spitfire Walkthrough - HZ02 feat JASON BONHAM
A look at the new Hans Zimmer 02 Drum library from Spitfire Audio featuring JASON BONHAM playing his exclusive Vistalite DW kit at three legendary locations ...

Man Of Steel: Flight (Spitfire Audio Samples Demonstration)
This is a complete midi mock-up for the film arrangement of "Flight", or "3m15b First Flight" from Man of Steel using the latest public sampling technology.

Checking Out: Hans Zimmer Percussion by Spitfire Audio
Thoughts, demos and more: It is amazing to have the same great sounds from Zimmer's blockbuster scores mixed by the master himself right ...

Dunkirk - Supermarine - Hans Zimmer (OFFICIAL)
Supermarine - Hans Zimmer: Dunkirk Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Track Available Here: Tickets available at Fandango here: Full ...

Behind The Curtain - Hans Zimmer Percussion
A first look behind the scenes at the creation of Hans Zimmer Percussion! Go to our website for piles of new information..

Spitfire Walkthrough - PP004 Felt Piano
A quick look at Spitfire's new Felt Piano -- played by Gwilym Simcock, this beautiful delicate piano is perfect for those soft ballads, and intimate heart rending ...

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