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Severus Snape | Important Scenes in Chronological Order
You are remembered, Alan Rickman, February 21 1946 - January 14, 2016. Severus Snape's most important scenes and arcs in the Harry Potter film series in ...

Severus Snape and the Marauders | Harry Potter Prequel
The Story Continues... Watch the cast reaction video!

Severus Snape Origins Explained (Childhood to Death)
Twitter: Personal Instagram: Facebook: ...

Harry Potter - Severus Snape's Magic

Top 10 Best Moments of Severus Snape !
Here's my Top Ten List of Severus' Best Moments :) Enjoy~ *UPDATE 2016* ♡ To all fellow Potterheads out there that watched/are watching my video ♡ Hello ...

A Severus Snape Tribute | Life isn’t fair
A tribute to Severus Snape Song by Mattia Cupelli

Severus & Lily
music: Brand X Music Theatrical - Into The Light Severus Snape- Alan Rickman/ Tom Hardy Lily Evans- ...

Severus Snape'in En Kötü Anısı
Severus Snape, Harry'e zihnini Voldemort'a karşı kapatmayı öğretirken onu kızdırır ve karşı büyü yapmasına bir an için Harry'nin kendi zihinine girmesine neden ...

Severus Snape: "Look What You Made Me Do"
Let me introduce my assistant, Professor Snape. You'll still have your Potions Master when I'm through with him. Never fear. Song: "Look What You Made Me ...

severus snape | always
"always." I honestly feel like I have lost a part of my childhood. Snape was never my favorite character but Alan Rickman brought this character to life so well and ...

"you have your mother's eyes" | Severus Snape
I have no words to express the sadness and pain over losing a star like Alan Rickman, so I made this video as a tribute to him. Admiration and love for this ...

Harry Potter: Severus Snape vs Minerva McGonagall HD
Headmaster Severus Snape vs Professor MCGonagall in HD! Enjoy!

Severus And Lily - Broken
tribute to Severus Snape teacher and good friend could not tell his love eternal love that he loved her and take care of your child as if it were the and gave his life ...

READ PLEASE. So, i hope that u will like this video There are plans to create videos related to the Marauder era: -- The Marauders; -- Slytherin sirens (Bellatrix ...

*~*Severus Snape - Sexbomb*~*
PLZ watch it in HD 1080******* I can´t resisted to make this one... Alan/Severus is simply HOT!!! I was my fav of HP always! Much fun ;)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 - Snape's memories part 2 (HD)
Just great..what a scene! Wow: more than 1 million views. That's a first for me. I thank everybody for watching! I do not own these scenes: all rights reserved: ...

Lily Evans/Severus Snape--Happy Ending
Like the title says, it's another Lily/Severus movie. I was really tired one night, and so I decided to make a movie, and woop-de-doo, here it is. Hope you like it!

severus snape | unstoppable

Severus Snape vs Voldemort - Alternate happy ending
Alternate happy ending of the Harry Potter series where Severus Snape defeats Voldemort. Based on the original HP movies and soundtracks.

Professor Snape (Harry Potter Song)
If your looking for a quick summery of all 8 Harry Potter films in the form of an epic song.. This is the music video for you! (Hopefully) Here's my tribute to a great ...

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