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RetrospectiveArtist info Retrospective is a progressive rock band formed in 2005, in Leszno, Poland.It started off with Robert Kusik (drums) and Maciej Klimek (guitars). Although two wasn't enough, they started their search for members to their band.Shortly after, Alan Szczepaniak (guitars), a friend from the Klimek's neighbourhood, was introduced to the band on one of the practice sessions... Read more

VII & Littledemo - Retrospective

Retrospective - Tribute to ユーリ!!! on ICE (Yuri!!! on Ice Theme Song)
出演情報○ 4/28(土)4/29(日)の2日間で行われるニコニコ超会議にRetrospectiveが出演します。 私たちの出番は、4/29(日) 12:55-13:55に開催される『超演奏...

KISS Retrospective Part 2 (All Hell Breaks Loose)
KISS are both one of the most beloved and the most hated bands in history. With them being called a "Brand" not a band. With Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley ...

Retrospective - Lost In Perception (2012) [FULL ALBUM]
The complete album stream of 'Lost In Perception' by polish progressive rock band Retrospective. Album was released in 2012 by Progressive Promotion ...

KISS Retrospective Part 1 (You Wanted the Best)
KISS are both one of the most beloved and the most hated bands in history. With them being called a "Brand" not a band. With Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley ...

Retrospective - Right Way (Official Video)
Retrospective is pleased to present the video for 'Right Way', second single from album 'Re:Search' which was released on 10th February 2017 by Progressive ...

Retrospective - The End Of The Winter Lethargy [OFFICIAL HD]
'The End Of The Winter Lethargy' is the first single from 'Lost In Perception' and the very first music video from Retrospective. The video was recorded in ...

DALEC - Retrospective
Subscribe to ThePrimeCronus (Epic/Orchestral/Trailer Music): ✖ Subscribe to ThePrimeCronus II: ✖ Subscribe to One ...

Underverse OST - Retrospective
Original by tobyfox. Arranged by NyxTheShield.

Cytus - Retrospective (Extended Version) (feat. Maya)
I do NOT own the song or the picture!! picture from here:

Inquisition Retrospective (WM2)
TIMESTAMPS: Thrash Metal Demos: 1:44 Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult: 3:37 Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan: 8:08 Magnificent Glorification ...

Retrospective - ムーンライト伝説 (Sailor Moon Opening Theme)
出演情報○ 4/28(土)4/29(日)の2日間で行われるニコニコ超会議にRetrospectiveが出演します。 私たちの出番は、4/29(日) 12:55-13:55に開催される『超演奏...

Eric Prydz presents Pryda - Retrospective Mix
Tracklist 1. Lesson One 2. Miami to Atlanta 3. Genesis 4. Rakfunk 5. Europa 6. Aftermath 7. Frankfurt 8. Armed 9. Reeperbahn 10. Muranyi 11. 1983 12. The Gift.

A Mills Brothers Retrospective Part 1
A Mills Brothers Retrospective Part 1 – Enjoy this wonderful program for all music lovers, with 44 tracks offering 2 hours of jazz & swing. A Tribute to one of the ...

Saxon Retrospective
Saxon are NWOBHM masterclass! With a perfect discography that puts BOTH Iron Maiden AND Judas Priest! This is Saxon! Timestamps: Saxon: 5:14 Wheels of ...

Burzum Retrospective (WM)
Timestamps: Burzum: 5:28 Det Som Engang Var: 8:16 Hvis Lyset Tar Oss: 9:44 Filosofem: 13:21 Daudi Baldrs: 21:45 Hildskialf: 25:19 Belus: 26:53 Fallen: 29:05 ...

A Retrospective Of House 1991 - 1996 SisterBliss Mix
True Faith / Final Cut Take Me Away (Pinned Up Mix) 5:26 –Cool Jack Jus Come (Original Mix) 3:12 –Morels Grooves* Let's Groove (House Mix) 4:50 –Sister ...

Cytus - Retrospective

Retrospective - XY & Z (Pokemon Opening)
出演情報○ 4/28(土)4/29(日)の2日間で行われるニコニコ超会議にRetrospectiveが出演します。 私たちの出番は、4/29(日) 12:55-13:55に開催される『超演奏...

Summoning Retrospective (WM2)
Lord of the Rings black metal. You may not have known it exists but it does. Is it any good? How many times is Jeff Goldblum willing to appear in a retrospective?

Retrospective - Enemy World Vision
Retrospective - "Enemy World Vision" from "Spectrum of the Green Morning (EP)". Great progressive band from Poland. Enjoy!

TONY DE VIT mix Decore Neptune rising B code Feel good Discuss Save the day Discuss Pissed apache ] Itchy & scratchy i want you the shaker strong to ...

Windir/ Vreid Retrospective (WM2)
Two bands for the price of one! (well, for the price of none technically). This week Brody discusses two very closely related bands of black metal. Windir and ...

Symphony X Retrospective
Symphony X are Power Metal masterclass! They are one of, if not the best Power Metal band of all time, This is Symphony X! TIMESTAMPS: Symphony X: 6:16 ...

Annie Lennox - RetroSpective
Annie Lennox reflects on the highs, lows and inspirations behind her albums 'Diva' and 'Medusa'. Buy Diva on Vinyl – Buy Medusa ...

Astral Projection - Retrospective Set
Subscribe: Astral Projection - Retrospective Set Made with BIG Love & Respect to our crowd. Enjoy! Tracklist: 1.

Retrospective - Lunch (Live session) (Official Video)
This music video is a result of our live session recorded in an old round-house in Leszno. Song 'Lunch' is taken from 'Lost In Perception' album, which was ...

AC/DC Retrospective
Timestamps: High Voltage: 5:50 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: 9:22 Let There Be Rock: 12:45 Powerage: 15:41 Highway to Hell: 17:14 Back in Black: 21:12 For ...

Motörhead Retrospective
TIMESTAMPS FOR THE RIDICULOUS DISCOGRAPHY: Motörhead: 0:50 Overkill: 4:35 Bomber: 8:45 Ace of Spades: 13:22 Iron Fist: 18:26 Another Perfect Day: ...

Emperor Retrospective (WM)
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