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OktorBiography The idea of Oktor was born a long time ago, but at this time Jerzy and Jan had a lot of work with their main band (April Ethereal). The idea was here, but there was no time to make this idea live. Until the middle of 2003. From this time the idea of Oktor became clearer, first riffs and drum tracks were recorded. At the beginnig of 2004, after some time spent on discussions, Jan and Jerzy invited Piotr, their friend and also the bass player from Eternal Tear (doom/death metal band from Warsaw), to join this project.
Tags: funeral doom metal, funeral doom, doom metal, polish, polish doom metal,

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OKTOR - Another Dimension Of Pain (2014) Full Album Official (Death Doom Metal)
SP. 096-14 Oktor — Another Dimension Of Pain Buy CD - / Subscribe to SOLITUDE PRODUCTONS YouTube - ...

OKTOR - All Gone In Moments (HQ)
Oktor - All Gone In Moments from "All Gone In Moments" compilation. Polish funeral doom metal. Great band and song. Zazdrość starzeje go za każdym...

Oktor - Conscious Somatoform Paradise (from the album Another Dimension of Pain / ADOP)
From the album "Another Dimension of Pain". Piotr Kucharek - clean vocals Jan Rajkow-Krzywicki - growling, guitars Jerzy Rajkow-Krzywicki - guitars, bass, ...

Oktor - Whisper Winter Into Me
from the All Gone in Moments album of 2007 Lyrics: Freezing light kept this moment for ages A light that I saw before so many times This time was different From ...

OKTOR - With Tears As Lullaby (HQ)
Oktor - With Tears As Lullaby from "All Gone In Moments" compilation. Polish funeral doom metal. Great band and song. Suddenly everything was gone...

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Let's Play Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams #024 [1080p] Oktor Doktupus, äh, Oktor Freud! [Ger]
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