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OsibisaArtist info Osibisa is a British Afro-pop band, founded in London in 1969 by four expatriate African and three Caribbean musicians. Osibisa were one of the first African bands to become widely popular, leading to claims of founding World Music.In Ghana in the 1950s, Teddy Osei (saxophone), Sol Amarfio (drums), Mamon Shareef and Farhan Freere (flute) played in a highlife band called The Star Gazers. They left to form The Comets, with Osei's brother Mac Tontoh on trumpet, and scored a hit in West Africa with their 1958 song "Pete Pete... Read more

osibisa live 1972
osibisa live various venues 1972 feb-july 1] beautiful seven 8.39 2] spirits up above 7.35 3] y sharp 7.29 4] the dawn ...

Sunshine Day - OSIBISA
'76 UK African Rock Group from Album "Welcome Home" NHK-FM "weekend sunshine" opening theme OSIBISA-Official Website

OSIBISA - Welcome Home
Beautiful Musik from Osibisa.

Osibisa - The Dawn

OSIBISA "Woyaya" (1971)
From the album "Woyaya".

OSIBISA - Woyaya (live in Greece 1995)
This classic hit comes from their 2nd album WOYAYA of 1971.Here the band perfoms it live at their concert in Salonica ,Greece,February 1995 ( #9 song in the ...

Osibisa - Sunshine Day
Returning after their sell out gig with us during the London African Music Festival, these British pioneers of Afro-beat and godfathers of world music deliver their ...

Osibisa - Dance The Body Music (Vj Tere Videoedit)
Otra videoedicion, con el audio original del clasico de Osibisa. Para los amigos que lo disfrutan!!!

Osibisa - oJah awake
Osibisa singing Ojah awake.

Osibisa- Gong Gong Song
A massive pleasure to have worked with (Legend)Teddy Osei, who brought us the first form of world music back in 1967- when they were huge. This production ...

Osibisa - Ayiko Bia
Osibisa at Hideaway, London's premier live music and comedy club These British pioneers of Afro-fusion and godfathers of world music consistently pack out ...

Osibisa - The Warrior 1977
Osibisa - The Warrior 1977 The vultures fly, the wind is high, the warrior fights, the battle of power! The scavengers wait, each finds their space. Death is late, the ...

Osibisa - Sunshine Day 1975 (Original MV Stereo)
Osibisa - Sunshine Day 1975 (Original MV Stereo)

Osibisa - Music For Gong Gong

Osibisa - Survival
Osibisa - Survival.

Osibisa in Sweden 1972
Live in Stockholm.

Osibisa - Pata Pata 1980

Osibisa - Fire
Osibisa - Live At The Marquee Club, London - April 5th, 1983 *** Musicians*** Sol Amarfio - Drums Kari Bannerman - Guitar Gregg Brown - Bass, Vocals Tony ...

"HEAVEN KNOWS" - BY OSIBISA. Rearranged by Mensah Essilfie(Gme)

Osibisa - Raghupati Ragava Rajaram

Osibisa the lost song : la ilah ila alah لا اله الا الله
لا اله الا الله لفرقة اوسيبيسا الاغنية ايقاعية بالاسلوب الافريقي تتغني بالاسلام وحب الرسول محمد (ص) . وقد...

Osibisa - Woyaya
Official Website: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: ...

OSIBISA "Y sharp" (1971)
From the album "Woyaya".

Osibisa - Heads - Kokorokoo
The first track of the Osibisa - Heads album.

Osibisa - The Warrior
UK / Africa - 1976.

Osibisa - Fire
UK / Africa - 1973.

Osibisa - Kelele
UK / Africa 1974.

Osibisa • Ye Tie Wo (1972)
Osibisa • "Ye Tie Wo" from LP "Heads" (1972)

Pata pata - Osibisa
Don't stop dancing.

Osibisa - Happy Children
UK / Africa - 1973.

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