Free Download New smallpipes and practice chanter mp3

New smallpipes and practice chanter
My pipers choice kitchen pipes and my Blackwood Strathmore practice chanter.

"Song for the Smallpipe" on the practice chanter
I think this is one of the best slow airs ever written. The tune is "Song for the Smallpipe" by Robert Mathieson. (With some small details changed by me) If you ...

Matt MacIsaac reviews the Blair Digital Chanter
World-class piper Matt MacIsaac's video review of the Blair Digital Chanter, including MIDI examples and his own performance on the chanter and acoustic ...

Blair Digital Chanter
Blair Digital Bagpipe Chanter. A world of endless piping. Play world-class sounds of a Great Highland Bagpipe, Scottish Smallpipe or ...


Fred Morrison Smallpipes - Superdry!
Superdry by RS MacDonald on my Fred Morrison Smallpipes made by McCallum; great tune, great pipes! Hit subscribe for more videos and check out my ...

Boyd Practice Chanter Reed - MacLellan B flat Smallpipes
Boyd Practice Chanter Reed being played in a set of MacLellan Bflat smallpipes. Great reeds! Also worked well in John Walsh Long Practice Chanter and ...

Bagpipe Master: The basic scale on the practice chanter: Learn to play the bagpipes
How to play the basic bagpipe scale and learn to play the bagpipes with free tutorials and sheet music at

A Chanter - Banton Smallpipes - Five drone
Banton smallpipes with five drones. Demonstrating all five drones and two separate switches. Tune is Angus MacDonald

Atholl Highlanders on Practice Pipes
Made here at Bagpipes Galore in Scotland. "Practice Pipes" are a complete set of pipes that retail at a fraction of the price of conventional bagpipes, however ...

Great Highland Bagpipe Chanter Rosewood

"Hector the Hero" on Shepherd Smallpipes in the Key of D
Sounds of the Smallpipes: Hear this popular slow air on Shepherd smallpipes. You can also see the reduced finger spacing on a "D" chanter. Find out more or ...

Steam Train to Mallaig Melody
Playing the melody of Steam Train to Mallaig on practice chanter at 85 bpm.

Gibson Practice chanter pt2
how to set up your Gibson practice and work the Gibson reeds.

Chris Apps makes special reeds to fit your smallpipe chanter
Some smallpipe chanters can be difficult to reed. The traditional smallpipe reeds just don't sound right. Neither do the plastic or cane practice chanter reeds.

Devil in the Kitchen - Practice Chanter
My first strathspey.

practice chanter reel
brenda stubbert Reedmaker's Reel Mark Sheridan's.

a-pipes electronic bagpipes / smallpipes / gaita chanter - standalone play
Plus d'informations sur More informations at Avec/with bluetooth ...

Danny boy on practice chanter
Been playing almost a year. so just begining to learn.

a-pipes electronic bagpipes / smallpipes / gaita chanter - bluetooth remote play
Plus d'informations sur More informations at

Lindsey Practice chanters
sound clip and pictures of some of the chanters I have made.

New smallpipe chanter made by Luca gherardi
New smallpipe chanter in olivewood by Luca Gherardi master pipe maker in Tuscany.

P-bROCK Digital Bagpipes: GHB and Smallpipes Demo

Hamon Practice Chanter reeds
Small soundbyte of a practice chanter reed made by Seth Hamon of Hamon Bagpipes &

Double Scottish Smallpipes
My new Double Scottish Smallpipes prototype, two Gibson chanters in a custom bag & stocks by Yuri Terenyi. The tunes are The Last Of The Great Whales and ...

border pipe chanter
bagpipes galore new border pipe chanter and reed

practice chanter in a440
bagpipe practice chanter a440.

Loch Ruan - Practice Chanter + Music

Low D Smallpipe Chanter made by Seth Hamon
Dow Low D smallpipe chanter made by Seth Hamon of Hamon Bagpipe Co. ~ Played by Skye Richendrfer.

bagpipes - practice chanter - strathspeys
Ian Werner plays "Dora MacLeod" "Bogan Lochan" and "Susan MacLeod" on his practice chanter.

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