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Jonny BluArtist info OFFICIAL WEBSITE: WWW.JONNYBLUMUSIC.COMJONNY BLU is a uniquely talented singer/songwriter who was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, but made his debut into the music world in of all places China! After making a success in China, and appearing the Disney blockbuster film "Princess Diaries 2", Jonny has returned to the USA and to his musical roots in Swing and Pop-Jazz to promote his music and album releases "Taboo!", "In Just That Kind Of A Mood" and "In A Groove" (EP). With a swing driven pop sound, blended with hints of blues and cool jazz, Jonny's music, lyrics and vocal style will make you say ooh-wee!COME JOIN JONNY ON MYSPACE, TWITTER, AND FACEBOOK:MYSPACE... Read more

Princess Diaries 2 - 14 - Miracles Happen - Jonny Blu
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Jonny Blu - Miracles Happen
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Jonny Blu - Miracles Happen - Princess Diaries 2
奇迹能变成真实Qíjī néng biàn chéng zhēnshí 奇迹能变成真实qíjī néng biàn chéng zhēnshí 你让我相信自己的力量nǐ ràng wǒ xiāngxìn zìjǐ de lìliàng...

Miracles Happen - Princess Diaries lyrics // by
Fatima zubida alonso.

Miracles Happen with Lyrics
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Jonny Blu (藍強) - The Apology (對不起, 你) - Chinese Pop - Music Video (2006)
Jonny Blu's second groundbreaking Music Video off his debut album "On The Edge (刀鋒)"!!! 藍強第二首熱爆流行歌曲MV! For More on Jonny Blu visit: ...

Myra - Miracles Happen (Miracle Remix)
Myra -- Miracles Happen ------------------------------------------------------------------- Label: Hollywood Records...

Myra- Miracles Happen
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THOSE WHO WATCHED MY VIDEO!!! OVER 1000 HITS!! Miracles happen, miracles happen You showed me faith is not blind ...

Jonny Blu - I Need Love - Live at Vibrato Jazz Club
Jonny Blu performs his remake of LL Cool J's "I Need Love", from his debut album "In Just That Kind Of A Mood"! - Live at Herb Alpert's Vibrato Jazz Club in Los ...

Jonny Blu - Babaloo - Live at Vibrato
Jonny Blu performs the hit song "Babaloo" off his album "Taboo!" live at the legendary Herb Alpert's "Vibrato Jazz Club" in Los Angeles, CA! -For more on Jonny ...

miracles happen
miracles happen once in awhile.. when you believe.

Myra - Miracles Happen (Miracle Remix Edit)
Myra -- Miracles Happen ------------------------------------------------------------------- Label: Hollywood Records...

"Miracle Happen"
For "My Only One Best Friend in the Whole World"

PrincessDiaries - Miracles Happen
The Princess Diaries is a notable series of novels by Meg Cabot in the chick-lit and YA fiction genre, and the title of the first volume, published in 2000.

Miracles Happen - Myra Cover
for a friend, because she always wants me to play this, soooooo here you goo!! audio and video are off :( dont own the song!! enjoy :)

Myra miracles happen Remix

Miracles Happen - Myra
Hope you like this video. Is the song most commonly known from Princess Diaries Song Myra - Miracles Happen (When You Believe) Video By Sean McCann ...

Miracles happen cover
Ya this inspiren them to make the song miracles happen.

♫ Jonny Blu - Holiday For Two ♫
GET THIS SONG SENT TO YOUR MOBILE PHONE EXCLUSIVELY @ I don't want nothin melancholy Just a little eggnog and holly On this ...

Jonny Blu - Ooh Wee - (from the CD "In Just That Kind Of A Mood")
Get "Ooh-Wee" by Jonny Blu on iTunes: - From the album "In Just That Kind Of A ...

Jonny Blu (藍強) - On the Edge (刀鋒) - Chinese Pop - Music Video (2006)
Jonny Blu's first groundbreaking Music Video off his debut album On the Edge (刀鋒)!!! 藍強第一首熱爆流行歌曲On the Edge-刀鋒MV! For More on Jonny Blu ...

Miracle's Happen

Jonny Blu - Things Have Got To Change - Protest Income Inequality (Enable CC for Song Lyrics)
This is the official music video for Jonny Blu's "Things Have Got To Change", to Protest Income Inequality! -- LYRICS ARE BELOW (SCROLL DOWN) -- ITUNES- ...

Miracles Happen Myra
NO COPYRIGHT INTENED this is for entertainment only!

Jonny Blu - Girl From Ipanema - Catalina Jazz Club - June 2007
Jonny singing one of his popular tracks "Girl From Ipanema" from his album "In Just That Kind Of A Mood" at the opening of his June 20th 2007 show at Catalina ...

Myra - Miracles Happen
The theme song from the Princess Diaries movie in 2001.

Jonny Blu - Babaloo
Jonny Blu - Babaloo.

Miracles Happen (Cover Aguilas CFC)

Jonny Blu (藍強) - Crossroads (十字路口) - Live At SoHo Music Club - December 2007
Jonny Blu singing an acoustic version of his hit Mandarin Chinese song "Crossroads" to an American audience at SOHO Music Club in Santa Barbara, CA in ...

Jonny Blu - How Can I - (from the CD "In Just That Kind Of A Mood")
Get "How Can I" by Jonny Blu on iTunes: - From the album "In Just That Kind Of A ...

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