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Magical Power MakoBiography Magical Power Mako is a very important Japanese psychedelic/avant-garde artist. Since his recorded debut in the early 1970s, Mako has covered genres as diverse and disparate as traditional Japanese folk, acid folk/rock, experimental, krautrock, progressive rock, and more recently ambient music. His albums 'Magical Power Mako' (Polydor 1974) and 'Super Record' (Polydor 1975) are considered among the most important Japanese underground rock releases of all time.
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Magical Power Mako ‎- Magical Computer Music (1985) FULL ALBUM
00:00 Load The Virgin 02:43 Chiengmai 05:56 Thriller 09:27 This Is The Computer Music 10:48 Studio MIDI 15:05 Arabesque 15:56 METAL CPU 18:14 You ...

Magical Power Mako ‎– Jump
A1 Jump To You 00:00 A2 The Story Of Our Master 05:45 A3 Give Me Present 10:44 A4 Rest Light Down 13:54 A5 So 15:58 B1 Blue Wind 18:09 B2 Elephan'ts ...

Magical Power Mako - Hapmoniym CD 1
Artist : Magical Power Mako Album : Hapmoniym 1972-1975 5CD Release Year : 2004.

Magical Power Mako-Andromeda
Magical Power Mako 1975 album "Super Record". A world folk experimentation with rock freakouts.

Magical Power Mako/アギネ

マジカルパワーマコ フレッシュベジタブル

Magical Power Mako - Welcome To the Earth
Japan, 1981.

Magical Power Mako - This Is The Computer Music
Magical Power Mako - Magical Computer Music (1985)

Magical Power Mako - Open the Morning Window, the Sunshine Come in

Magical Power Mako - Music From Heaven (1982)

Magical Power Mako - Thriller
Magical Power Mako - Magical Computer Music (1985)

Magical Power Mako "Andromeda", "Tundra" & "Silk Road"
From the album "Super Record" (Japan, 1975).

Magical Power Mako - Pink Bitch (La La La)
Footage from various Toshio Matsumoto short films. Graphic content.

Magical Power Mako - Look Up The Sky (Featuring Keiji Haino)

MAGICAL POWER MAKO Super Record 1 - 2 - 3
MAGICAL POWER MAKO - Super Record - 1975 ( JAPAN ) 01 Andromeda 02 Tundra 03 Silk Road.

2017 2 26 AndromedaTV Magical Power Mako
February 26, 2017 Magical Power Mako in Andromeda studio center.

magical power mako 『listen to the noise』 trailer
Magical Power Mako new album! "Listen to the noise" This album is a CD-R Package of handmade all 100 limited edition Including tax ¥ 2000 To ...

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