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Lucien CaineBiography The mysterious Lucien Caine started his musical life in electro indie popsters “The Alpinestars” achieving mild success, press praise (NME,Melody Maker) and even recording an (unreleased) album in world renowned producer Flood’s London studio’s. But things change and so appeared the ghostly man figure of Lucien Caine on myspace in late 2006. Composure happened across this and was immediately in awe of the songs on offer. Over the course of
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Lucien Caine - Black Widow
Produced by Araam Tehrani, Rich Fowler, Danny Crabtree and Phil Nelson.

Lucien Caine - Coco (original mix)


Glyn Thomas (formerly Lucien Caine) - Coco
This song of mine Coco was on one of the Cafe del Mar LPs by José Padilla. It's quite a strange one and took a very short time to get the basic track, but a very ...

Till I Forget About Her
This song is kind of light hearted romanticism really. When I wrote it, I played it to my then darling girlfriend...whose first comments were 'Why don't you just ...

Caoilfhionn's Name
One of four songs just recorded In Manchester, England, December 2017. Lyrics below : Caoilfhionn's Name Oh what a way to spend the hours, falling into her ...

Us and Them
This is Us And Them.... You and I against the world baby darling!! For the first throes and and the final ones LYRICS BELOW: Time....beating down on me.

The One You Can't Have
Unrequited is the purist form of love. Beautiful and tragic at the same time.

Troubled Man
A song recorded Dec 2017, in the same session as Caoifhionn's Name, Santa Meurte and Hourglass. It will soon have a sister song....which goes by the name of ...

Internal Affairs
The song is musically based on Requiem Pour Un Con by Serge Gainsbourg.....I'm going to have to do something about the pictures for the video though......

The Beat That My Heart Skipped
This song is about your first love........I was 11 years old and saw her face for the first time. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I couldn't believe that none ...

She Loves To Lose
A duet with Heidrun Bjornsdottir. I'm not going to pretend it wasn't a fun song to write.

Dark NIght
This is Dark Night.......about a Faustian pact made by a young starlet. She sees the dark side of fame eventually. Lyrics: Here comes the feeding hour for all the ...

The Only Man That Matters
This was a Single Of The Week in 2009 BBC Radio 2 Radcliffe and Maconie. The first song I actually liked that I'd done after Alpinestars had finished. Trying to ...

Black Widow
Black Widow....Lyrics below. I guess the reason for this song's existence is pretty obvious. What is it about danger that attracts artists and idiots. Or indeed idiot ...

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