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Lucien CaineArtist info The mysterious Lucien Caine started his musical life in electro indie popsters “The Alpinestars” achieving mild success, press praise (NME,Melody Maker) and even recording an (unreleased) album in world renowned producer Flood’s London studio’s. But things change and so appeared the ghostly man figure of Lucien Caine on myspace in late 2006. Composure happened across this and was immediately in awe of the songs on offer. Over the course of 2007 both Composure and Lucien nurtured an idea for an EP but it wasn’t until a few rough demo’s landed in our Inbox that it all came together late in the year... Read more

Lucien Caine - Black Widow
Produced by Araam Tehrani, Rich Fowler, Danny Crabtree and Phil Nelson.

Lucien Caine - Coco (original mix)

Glyn Thomas (formerly Lucien Caine) - Coco
This song of mine Coco was on one of the Cafe del Mar LPs by José Padilla. It's quite a strange one and took a very short time to get the basic track, but a very ...


Lucien Caine: Dark Night
Excellent title track from the "Dark Night EP" by Lucien Caine released on Composure Records UK. Mysterious and classic swooning indie pop from the former ...

Late Night Lament (Home Demo)
Pretty obvious really.

TIAMAT - Cain. Taken from the album "Prey". Century Media Records 2004. CMDistro - Best Buy ...

Alpinestars Feat Brian Molko Placebo Carbon Kid MTV France
Alpinestars featuring Brian Molko from Placebo. That man is great company for a night out. His fans are pretty scary though. The video was a lot of fun to make.

Internal Affairs
The song is musically based on Requiem Pour Un Con by Serge Gainsbourg.....I'm going to have to do something about the pictures for the video though......

Alpinestars Burning up
This my former band Alpinestars and our single/video for Burning the year 2002. The last time I wore eyeliner was in this video.

The Only Man That Matters
This was a Single Of The Week in 2009 BBC Radio 2 Radcliffe and Maconie. The first song I actually liked that I'd done after Alpinestars had finished. Trying to ...

Beneath Those Watchful Eyes
Georgina Leach played all the amazing violin on this. This is a song I wrote and recorded about a long paranoid walk home through Manchester in the dark ...

Julien Doré - Coco Câline (Clip officiel)
EP Coco Remixes : Plongez dans l'univers Coco Câline : Coco Câline, ...

Dagiel - Marc Ribot
Composed and conduced by John Zorn. Marc Ribot on guitar. Trevor Dunn in bass. G. Calvin Weston on drums. From the album Asmodeus: Book of Angels ...

Lee Picton 'Connektion' (Original Mix)
LEE PICTON hooks up with the shimmering progressive "CONNEKTION", featuring remixes from DANNY GRAHAM, AL MUNOZ, and MERCH & COX.

Advice From Strangers
This song is about realising that you can only deal with the most personal stuff on your own. You either decide to wear it, or you decide that your experiences ...

Bobby Watson @ SOB's in NYC #3
Bobby Watson @ SOB's in NYC #3. Drums: Harold Summey Percussion: Marlon Simon Keyboards: Uri Caine Guitar Gregg Skaff Bass: Gregory Jones Sax: ...

Those Days Are Gone
More a celebration of time passing than anything else. No going back folks. Written with my brother from another mother.....Mr Anthony J Gilfellon. He will ...

She Loves To Lose
A duet with Heidrun Bjornsdottir. I'm not going to pretend it wasn't a fun song to write.

The Beat That My Heart Skipped
This song is about your first love........I was 11 years old and saw her face for the first time. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I couldn't believe that none ...

The Search Goes On
Lyrics below. Video by Simon and Ted Williams. I guess it's about the endless battle against restlessness. I feel the wind blow I wear my sunshades First scent of ...

Kill Your Darlings | Lucien & Allen
Title: Kill your darlings Song: If I Tell You I Love You Artist: Melody Gardot Warnings: slash, spoilery Characters/Pairings: Lucien Carr/Allen Ginsberg (Dane ...

Lyrics are below... This is sung by Heidrun Bjornsdottir from Cicada/Gus Gus. She has sung quite a few of my songs. I wrote it on a train journey across a couple ...

This is the brave goodbye. The oldest song up here......around 2006 I think LYRICS: I got your calling card You made a rolling start Blind faith is deaf to ...

Radio Silence
About the loneliness of failure I guess. We all experience failure individually, and it's not something that's easy to explain. Sometimes it's cool, sometimes it hurts ...

This is Rodriguez.....A co-write with my brother in misadventure Mr William de Carabas... We have Miguel Navarro to thank for the inspiration. It's a song that ...

Simon Flower -The Sum Of Us (Mozèè Remix)
join at us on facebook..!!!/pages/Dj-Mozee/133119690052260?ref=ts.

The Dark Lights perform at Night & Day, Manchester.

Black Widow
Black Widow....Lyrics below. I guess the reason for this song's existence is pretty obvious. What is it about danger that attracts artists and idiots. Or indeed idiot ...

Us and Them
This is Us And Them.... You and I against the world baby darling!! For the first throes and and the final ones LYRICS BELOW: Time....beating down on me.

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