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Don't Get In The Kiln
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Primitive Technology: Termite clay kiln & pottery
I built this pottery kiln and some pottery from termite mound clay to test an alternative clay source to my usual one from the creek bank. I started by making a large ...

How to Build a Digitally Controlled Electric Kiln/Foundry
Kilns are extremely useful tools for a hug assortment of projects. From pottery, to metal melting, to supercapacitors they are useful for anything that requires ...

Turn an old Oven into a Kiln
Hey everybody, ive been busy the past two weeks! I had a great time at Playlist Live, and finished some much needed organization in my garage. I finally got ...

Help! I have never loaded my kiln
The basics of loading a bisque for mid and high fire clays.

Using an Electric Pottery Kiln : Loading an Electric Pottery Kiln
When loading an electric pottery kiln, make sure glazed pieces do not touch, or they will stick together permanently. Learn how to load a kiln with tips from a ...

A little bit about electric kilns.... but only a little bit! ( kilns part 1)
I am so happy to be back in the studio and sharing everything clay with you! Here is a quick overview about kilns focusing on two types of electric kilns. About ...

Animation of ROTAX-2® Rotary Kiln
The ROTAX-2® kiln is the culmination of over 100 years of experience designing and building kilns. As reliable as it is cost-effective, it's second to none.

The Cement Plant Rotary Kiln in Operation
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This video is a compilation of my series on build my Kiln Chamber for the Woodmizer Dry Kiln. For a detailed explanation of this process click on the link below ...

Hot Kiln Alignment

Homemade ceramics kiln
Homemade ceramics kiln.

Back to Basics: Kiln Firing Enamelling Tutorial
Back to Basics: Kiln Firing Enamelling Tutorial by Melissa Keskinkilinc and Teresa Kent. We are UK based enamellers and have created an enamelling tutorial ...

Kiln Video
Demolishing coating and brick linings is the perfect Brokk job! Watch how safe and efficient the Brokk robot is working in the animated cement movie! For more ...

Anne's Homemade Wood Fired Pottery Kiln Rocket Kiln One
First firing of potter Anne Gatherar's homemade kiln:

My Home Made Kiln-How To Make Your Own- And Melted Metal.
This is a video of my home made kiln. Watch and you could build your own metal melting machine. For every thing brand new Tank, Cement, Rod, Tube, Heat ...

How to build a kiln out of bricks (HOMEMADE)
in this video i show you how to build a kiln that burns up to 2000 degrees fahrenheit. Using materials that anyone can buy/have. Hate on my twitter!

Kiln Basics for the Beginner Potter
What kind of kiln do you need to get. Let me share with you some of the basics on electric kilns, gas kilns, wood kilns and raku kilns. This should be a good ...

Melting Bottles in a Kiln
Steps I take to melt glass bottles in a ceramic kiln.

Primitive Kiln
Creek Sand (mostly concrete, glass, various metals and stone) was also added to the clay in the end to stop the pieces from breaking during firing. Although the ...

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