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Jim BoggiaBiography Jim Boggia makes pop like the kind found in record collections when record collections were on... well, records. He makes the verse/chorus/bridge form relevant to current listeners. He combines the best of artists like the Beatles, The Kinks, Harry Nilsson, Simon and Garfunkel, Sly and the Family Stone, Cat Stevens, Stevie Wonder, and a host of others from Pop and Rock's purple patch to form a new musical landscape. Fans lke Aimee Mann, Jill Sobule (a frequent stage partner and collaborator)
Tags: singer-songwriter, indie pop, indie, folk, seen live,

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Born to Run - Jim Boggia - Ukulele
BRUCE OFF BROADWAY! Touring Off Broadway Now! Feb 15 - NYC @ City Winery's The Loft ...

Jim Boggia - Ukulele - Thunder Road
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'I Saw The Light' - Jim Boggia - Ukulele
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Jim Boggia - Everytime You Go Away - Ukulele
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Jim Boggia "Born to Run"
2019.05.25 at La Cana, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, Japan.

Jim Boggia "Kiss"
2013.09.05 at martha, Osaka, Japan with 岩城一彦(Kazuhiko Iwaki):dobro 吉岡孝(Takashi Yoshioka):drums 谷口潤(Jun Taniguchi):bass.

Sherry Darling — Jim Boggia (Springsteen Off Broadway) at the Friday Concert of JoCo Cruise 2018
Jim Boggia is going to share a little behind-the-scenes showbusiness thing with us, because we're all friends here. There's a delicate balance between drinking ...

Jim Boggia & Bruce Hughes "No Way Out"
2019.05.27 at Big Pink, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan.

Jim Boggia - Ukulele - 'Love Will Keep Us Together'
I brought 5 ukuleles and every t-shirt I owned into the studio and was filmed in front of a green screen as I recorded this. Everything you see in the video are the ...

Jim Boggia - 06.09.18 - Wayne Music Festival - Wayne, PA - 4K
Jim Boggia - 06.09.18 - Rt 30 Stage - Wayne Music Festival - Wayne, PA This year Music is Love Foundation is ...

I’m on Fire — Jim Boggia (Springsteen Off Broadway) at the Friday Concert of JoCo Cruise 2018
It just makes sense. I'm not sure exactly what makes sense, because I think I had to change a camera battery or something just before this, but trust Jim Boggia, ...

Jim Boggia "Three Steps at a Time ~ Ooh La La"
2010.12.05 @ Cafe Goatee, Kamakura, Japan.

Jim Boggia / Blinded by the Light - Private House Party (3/30/19)
Jim Boggia / Blinded by the Light - Private House Party (3/30/19)

Duelling Ukuleles — Molly Lewis and Jim Boggia at the first Red Team show on JoCo Cruise 2019
Speaking of outsourcing parts of her job to her betters, Molly Lewis would like to invite out Jim Boggia, who is right behind her. This is a cover song… I don't think ...


Band on the Run — Jim Boggia, Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm on JoCo Cruise 2015
Jim Boggia invites Jonathan Coulton on stage to plug in and sound check. They are going to play the Band on the Run album in its entirety — the original British ...

A Song For You - Jim Boggia - Ukulele
'A Song For You' by Leon Russell played on my Kala KA-CE-DE. If you like this, please check out my Patreon page.

Jim Boggia "Live and Let Die"
2012.05.28 at Cafe Goatee, Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan.

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