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IluvatarArtist info The music of Iluvatar (i-LOO-va-tar) cannot be accurately summed up with a casual phrase or label. Having a solid foundation in rock music, Iluvatar combines different elements from other genres such as jazz, classical, and psychedelia, and weaves them into sound tapestries that, while pushing the boundaries of the standard rock formula, remain very accessible, even radio-ready. Although often incorporating extended instrumental passages, time signature shifts, strong dynamics, and sometimes unconventional arrangements, the music steers away from the self-indulgence of many artists that fall into the "progressive" genre. The focus remains on creating unique songs with strong memorable melodies and heartfelt vocals... Read more

Ilúvatar -Ilúvatar- 1993 Full Album
ILUVATAR's story goes back in 1983 in Maryland,USA with the formation of the progressive rock cover band ''Sojourn''.While the years passed by,''Sojourn'' ...

Iluvatar - Children (Full Album)
Studio Album, released in 1995. 1. Haze - 00:00 2. In Our Lives - 06:43 3. Given Away - 13:30 4. Late Of Conscience - 20:13 5. Cracker - 29:11 6. Eye Next To ...

Ilúvatar -A Story Two Days Wide- Full Album
Tracklist: 01. 0:00 Sojourns 02. 9:05 Savant 03. 16:52 Dreaming With the Lights On 04. 23:26 Holidays and Miracles 05. 32:01 Better Days 06. 30:05 Even ...

Iluvatar - Late Of Conscience
Artist: Iluvatar Album: Children Song: Late Of Conscience Year: 1995 A great song. Enjoy.

Iluvatar - Exodus
Iluvatar Muito boa banda de Baltimore, que desempenha um música sinfônica neo Progrssivo, com influência total da era Peter Gabriel GENESIS, Marillion e ...

Ilúvatar -Sideshow- Full Album

Ilúvatar - Ilúvatar - 07. Dream visage

iluvatar - hammer strike
bueno he aki un clasico del metal nacional y cumanes... una cancion demasiado chingona... en ingles.. escuchenla y me dicen q les parece :D si les gusta ...

Iluvatar Album: "A Story Two Days Wide" Year: 1999 Lyrics: Savant They promised her a pocketful of fairy tales an ordinary future through a rain of endless dust ...

Iluvatar - Children (Full Album Prog Rock 1995)
Artist: Iluvatar Release date: 1995 Label: InsideOut Records Country: USA (Baltimore) Tracklist: Haze 0:00 In our Lives 6:43 Given Away 13:29 Late of ...

Ilúvatar - Ilúvatar - 02. In the eye

Ilúvatar - Exodus.
Neo-Prog... Delicadas melodías de ensueño se entrelazan para crear una canción de fascinante belleza...

Iluvatar, Lost in the Twilght Hall
Concierto "Re-Unión" Iluvatar en el CSA La FábriKa, Cádiz, 2004.

Iluvatar Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina 1997 (LATE OF CONSCIENCE)
From the archives...Iluvatar live September 1997 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Song: "Late of Conscience" 2 great shows in a beautiful city with incredible fans.

Iluvatar - Eagle
From The Self Titled Debut... First Iluvatar album from 1993 Superb music!

Iluvatar- Late Of Conscience "Live" New York 1996 (Rare Footage)
Parue sur l'album "Children" en 1995 Cette version est enregistré live at The Ritz, Baltimore 24-02-1996 Enjoy!!!

Iluvatar covers Genesis
Iluvatar plays their cover of Genesis's "Abacab/Turn It On Again", live at the Hillbrook Station, Baltimore MD on October 9, 1993. Iluvatar is: Gary Chambers ...

Iluvatar - Late Of Conscience
From 1995 "Children"

Iluvatar - "Exodus" - Backstage Rock shoot, 1995
RARE!! Iluvatar performing live in-studio for cable TV show Backstage Rock. January 1995. With: Gary Chambers - Drums Dean Morekas - Bass, backing vocals, ...

Ilúvatar - Ilúvatar - 06. Wait for the call

Iluvatar- The final stroke
Parue sur l'album "Children" 1995 Enjoy!!!

Ilúvatar - Ilúvatar - 09. Emperor's new clothes

Iluvatar - Marionette and Emperors New Clothes, Live 1996
Iluvatar, Live at ProgDay, Chapel Hill NC, September 1, 1996 Iluvatar is: Rick Fleischman - Drums Glenn McLaughlin - Vocals Dean Morekas - Bass, Backing ...

Iluvatar - "Sojourns", live at Progday 9/2/2012
Live at Progday, Chapel Hill North Carolina, 9/2/2012 Chris Mack - Drums Dennis Mullin - Guitar Dean Morekas - Bass Jim Rezek - Keys Jeff Sirody - Lead ...

Iluvatar - 01Iluvatar - 02In the Eye
1. Iluvatar 2. In the Eye a)Look us in the Eye b)Blind c)Through the Eye Dean Morekas : Baixo, Vocais Secundários Chris Mack : Bateria, Percussions Jim Rezek ...

Recycled J - ILÚVITAR - (ft. J Dose)
SUBSCRIBE: ✞ R e c y c l e d J ✘ J D o s e ✘ A l e x S i l v a ✘ I L Ú V I T A R ✘ ✘ I L Ú V A T A R ✘ Music video by Recycled J ...

Iluvatar - Given Away
From 1995 "Children"

Iluvatar - Haze
From 1995 "Children".

Iluvatar - The Final Stroke
From 1995 "Children"

Iluvatar - Your Darkest Hour
From 1995 "Children"

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