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Husky RescueArtist info Husky Rescue is a Finnish indie pop band founded in 2004 in Helsinki, Finland.After touring 2010’s Ship of Light album, culminating in their last performance at Flow Festival in Helsinki, August 2011, one chapter closed and another began. Prompted in part by long standing singer Reeta Vestman taking the opportunity to study musical theatre in London, Husky Rescue main man, multi instrumentalist and producer Marko Nyberg decided to strip everything down and start afresh, changing pretty much everything, to head into a more intimate, bright and natural direction. Deciding on a new singer he met up with the intriguing and mysterious Swedish vocalist Johanna Kalén in Stockholm and impressed and enthused with her utterly beautiful voice and ‘neo-hippy’ outlook, he also drafted in his old English friend, and honourary Finn, Antony Bentley (son of a moose skull player, always trekking the vast landscapes of computer music) and realized that this new line-up was heading exactly where he wanted and could bring to life the new music that he was hearing in his head... Read more

Husky Rescue - Nightless Night (Fink Remix)
Style: Electronic, Pop, Rock, Leftfield :::: Released: 2007 :::: Label: Catskills Records ...

Husky Rescue - Nightless night

Husky Rescue - Nightless Night
Music Video by Husky Rescue.

Husky Rescue - Nightless Night
not mine -uploaded in HD at

Fink - If Only (Ingrid Eto Remix)
Remix for the song "If Only", from the album "Distance & Time". All the copyrights belong to Fink and Ingrid Eto (Zero 7). Buy the album.

Husky Rescue - Caravan (Serge Santiago Remix)
buy it @

Husky Rescue - Summertime Cowboy (Electric Boy Remix)
A remix of a great song I made in 2004. Check my tracks here : and

Fink - Naked For Life (Gorje Hewek Remix)

Yahoos - Mabala - Fink Remix
Available From: Download: Subscribe To Mr Bongo: ...

Fv029- Fiord & Tim Richards - It Goes - Pena and Snk rmx (flow vinyl) out may 17th 2011.

Fink - Make It Good (Emde Remix)
Fink - Make It Good (Emde Remix) unreleased track.

Husky Rescue - Nightless Night (live in Brussels 2010)
20th March 2010 - Brussels (Botanique - Witloof Bar), Belgium.

Husky Rescue - Sound Of Love (Laurent Colson Remix)
I synced the remix I made of the song "Sound Of Love" for Husky Rescue with the original video. Have fun to watch it.

Mike P - Let It Go (Rescue Remix)
Clap Your Hands EP, 11/22/2011, Aspect Audio.

Husky Rescue - Nightless Night (XLNT)
Husky Rescue playing at the O2 Academy Islington - 5 March 2010. An excellent gig. Check them out!

Blu Mar Ten - The Conversationalist (Fink remix) (In-Flight, 2001) ...

Husky Rescue - Shadow Run (Arveene & Misk Remix)

Berlin Sunrise-Fink (REMIX)
I was playing around in audacity for the very first time and tried to do a remix of one of my favorite songs. I hope you enjoy! Don't forget to rate, comment, and ...

Bushy - Never
Bushy Track #04 Hiya! 2002 Label: Catskills Records UK.

Fredo Viola - The Turn (fink remix)
Fredo Viola - The Turn (fink remix)

Husky Rescue - Fast Lane (ZeroBit Remix)
Original by Husky Rescure, remix by me, Zerobit! All songs for download at Check out ...

Fink - Warm Shadow (Paul Gilmore Remix)
"Warm Shadow" tips its hat to the electronic origins of the band with its 4/4 kick drum contemporising the folk sound before an electric guitar again shifts the focus ...

Husky Rescue - Nightless Night
Chelsea Vienna 18.03.2010.

Step 13 "Flash Flood" (Hue Jah Fink remix)
Sick Junglist remix of Step 13's Flash Flood. Forthcoming June 2010 Dj's email [email protected] for promos You can also follow us @ ...

Audiosurf - Husky Rescue - City Lights (Products 01's Crunch City Remix) [GET FREE MP3s]
Playing Husky Rescue - City Lights (Products 01's Crunch City Remix) in Audiosurf's Mono Pro Character. Recorded with Fraps. If you like that song and want to ...

Husky Rescue - Diamonds In The Sky (Emperor Machine Remix)
Carbon Manchester. Deep Soulful Disco DJ Danny Russell.


Husky Rescue - Sound of Love (WEARETIM Remix)
Remix by WEARETIM - The Incredible Machines Download Link: Follow us on Facebook

Husky Rescue - We Shall Burn Bright (HEMO DJ's remix)
Free download: Follow us @

Atesh- Black Polished Chrome
Atesh's second mixtape "Father Rhymes" is a mix between classic rock and rap. This is Atesh over The Doors' "Black Polished Chrome" Like Atesh on Facebook: ...

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