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Hey! Say! JUMPArtist info Hey! Say! JUMP is a nine-member Japanese boy band under the Japanese talent agency Johnny & Associates, Inc. The name Hey! Say! refers to the fact that all the members were born in the Heisei period and JUMP is an acronym for Johnny's Ultra Music Power. Like agency seniors 光GENJI and V6, the group is split into two subgroups: Hey! Say! BEST (Boys Excellent Select Team) and Hey! Say! 7 (not to be confused with the temporary group of the same name), which consists of the five oldest members and five youngest members respectively.Hey! Say! BEST 薮宏太|Yabu Kota (1990/01/31)高木雄也|Takaki Yuya (1990/03/26)伊野尾慧|Inoo Kei (1990/06/22)八乙女光|Yaotome Hikaru (1990/12/02)有岡大貴|Arioka Daiki (1991/04/15)Hey! Say! 7 岡本圭人|Okamoto Keito (1993/04/01)山田涼介|Yamada Ryosuke (1993/05/09)中島裕翔|Nakajima Yuto (1993/08/10)知念侑李|Chinen Yuri (1993/11/30)Former member森本龍太郎|Morimoto Ryutaro (1995/04/06) Early 2007: The temporary Hey! Say! 7During a KAT-TUN spring concert on April 3, 2007, Johnny's Jr 高木雄也, 有岡大貴, 山田涼介, 中島裕翔 and 知念侑李 were named to be part of a new group called Hey! Say! 7... Read more

Hey!Say!JUMP/Candle Piano DEMO
Hey! Say! JUMPのCandleをピアノで演奏しています。 ☆使用した楽譜☆ 楽譜配信サイト「ピアノで弾きたいJ-POP」 チャンネル登録は...

Hey! Say! JUMP Candle ハモリ 歌ってみた

Hey! Say! JUMP / candle (Cover)
Hey! Say! JUMPのアルバム、smartに収録されているcandleを歌わせていただきました! よかったら最後まで聴いてください! Twitter @rysk____Xoxo.

Hey! Say! JUMP - Candle (PIANO)
HSJ Candle piano ver. Sorry for playing in an octave higher since my piano is a bit broken :( Enjoy~

Hey!Say!JUMP Candle ヘイ! セイ! ジャンプ lyrics 歌詞

Candle - piano cover by Melody
楽譜が欲しい方はメールしてくださいね![email protected] Please email me if you would like to have the piano sheet =)

『Hey!Say!JUMPリクエストメドレー Candle♪Chiku Taku♪Chau#/Hey!Say!JUMP』【耳コピ】ピアノ

hey say jump candle
cover by warattaya rujirawannakron love to yamada ryosuke (hey say jump)

山田涼介 ものまね Candle
アカペラで山田くんのパートを歌わせてもらいました。 似てないですが聞いてください。

Nightcore - Candle[Hey! Say! JUMP]
Keep Enjoy In my channel ❖ Subscribe For More Best Nightcore Music ❖ ☆ Program Used : After Effect + Audacity →Playlist← Korea : ...

Siel-chan - cover - Hey! Say! JUMP - Candle
Hello, minna-san!(*^▽^*) Today is the special day for me. 3 years ago, I learned about Hey! Say! JUMP. They have changed my life. I've got a lot of good friends, ...

山田涼介 「ミステリーヴァージン」

「歌ってみた」Hey! Say! JUMP - Candle (Cover by Dear9)
みんなさん!こんにちは!DEAR9です。 今回はHEY!SAY!JUMPのアルバム[S3ART] に収録されている [Candle] をカバーさせて頂きました♥ Smuleというアプリで...

Hey! Say! JUMP/Candle Piano DEMO
Hey! Say! JUMPのCandleをピアノで演奏しています。 ☆使用した楽譜☆ 楽譜配信サイト「ピアノで弾きたいJ-POP」 チャンネル登録は...

Candle - Hey! Say! JUMP - Violin Cover - Jelly Lei
This is a new and improved cover of Candle by Hey! Say! JUMP! I have covered this song last time, which can be see here: ...

[歌ってみた] Taiyou no Sora - Hey! Say! JUMP's Candle - Cover Song
We are Taiyou no sora (Taira) of JUMP!D Cover Group present a cover song from our favorite idol group, Hey! Say! JUMP, tittled "Candle". It's Our first ...

Candle / Hey! Say! JUMP 歌ってみた
Hey! Say! JUMPの「Candle」を歌ってみました♪ 下手なところがあると思いますが、最後まで聞いてくれると嬉しいです♡ -歌詞- 夜の空 滲む光を...

Candle (Hey! Say! JUMP cover)
its our 3rd cover sing project. special thanks for saslee on YT for the cover piano ver. visit our SoundCloud too for the best audio.

サビだけ【Candle】Hey! Say! JUMP(平成ジャンプ) 1本指ピアノ 簡単ドレミ楽譜 超初心者向け
Hey! Say! JUMPの【Candle】がサビだけですが、簡単ドレミ表示で誰でも弾ける1本指ピアノ演奏です♪ ぜひチャンネル登録してださい! ⇒

Hey! Say! Jump - Look alike

Samurai Blue - Candle (Hey!Say!JUMP cover) @ Gathering Tobikko for 8th Carnival Party

[歌ってみた] Hey! Say! JUMP's Candle (Indonesia Lyric Vers.) - cover by JUMP!D
Hello... we are JUMP!D, Hey! Say! JUMP's cover song Group from Indonesia. This is one of many our cover songs. we translate the lyrics in Indonesian. Please ...

H.our Time ピアノ Hey! Say! JUMP (ぷりんと楽譜・中級)
使用楽譜;ぷりんと楽譜・中級(採譜者:内田美雪)、 2017年9月10日 録画.

candle Minato-Sea
2014.07.12 高円寺ペンギンハウス.

Hey! Say! JUMP masquerade も中学生の耳コピメドレー♪
2016/7/31 耳コピ演奏♪: Mayu♪ 13才 中学生になりました(^^) Chiku Taku → masquerade → スクランブル → candle → 愛よ、僕を導いてゆ...

Hey! Say! JUMP Candle - ジャニー士

『Never Let You Go/Hey!Say!JUMP 』【耳コピ】ピアノ
Hey!Say!JUMP『Fantastic Time』カップリング曲。ラップ部分が多くてあまりよいアレンジができなかったのですが、たくさんリクエスト頂いたので弾いて...

Candle (Short Version) - Hey! Say! JUMP - Violin Cover - Jelly Lei
Candle (short ver.) - Hey! Say! JUMP (HSJ) - Violin Cover - Jelly Lei This is my short violin cover of Candle by Hey! Say! JUMP. I hope you enjoy listening and ...

[everysing] Candle
Singer : もえもえぴ Title : Candle 初!初!初!!笑 Hey! Say! JUMPの大好きなバラード□ everysing, Let's Sing! Smart Karaoke, everysing that everyone ...

[everysing] Candle
Singer : りなな Title : Candle Candle/Hey!Say!JUMP アレンジが入ってしまった(・Д・)ノ *コメントand評価の方お願いします☆ everysing, Let's Sing!...

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