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Head CheeseBiography Head Cheese released a 7-inch record that included "Jungle Jam", "Teenage Idol" and "Non-Melodic". The Philadelphia new wave band had no other releases until they formed Book Of Love a few years later.
Tags: new wave, 80s, synth pop, synthpop, 80s underground,

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Head Cheese
Fromage de Tete, Souse, or Head Cheese. A rose by another name still tastes delicious.

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Pork Charcuterie.How To Make brawn/Head Cheese/Fromage DeTete.

How To Make A Souse Loaf - Head Cheese
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SOUSE | Brawn | Headcheese Taste Test
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Authentic Souse Loaf aka Hog Head Cheese aka Pig Head Terrine.
Just in case you didn't know how this was made; I decided to try to make Souse / Hog Head Cheese for the very first time. It turned out fantastic!

#30 Presskopf (Bavarian Style Head Cheese)
From start to finish Eckkehard demonstrates making and canning Presskopf. Recipe: Per LB 1 gram Garlic 2 grams Pepper 1/4 gram Nutmeg 5 grams Sugar 10 ...

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Vietnamese head cheese, Instant Pot Recipe (Giò thủ)
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Brawn / Head Cheese / Fromage de Tete
People talk about nose-to-tail eating like it's a new thing. It isn't really - throughout history folks have been inventing ways to use every bit of an animal. Brawn, or ...

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How to make head cheese
Headcheese is pig head meat suspended in a jellied stock. Head cheese has different names all over the world. In England and Australia, it's called brawn.

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Hog's Head Cheese - Start to Finish
This is how I make hogs head cheese starting with the severed head of a local hog all the way to final tasting. Growing up in Cajun South Louisiana we ate ...

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