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Harry and the PottersArtist info Harry and the Potters are an indie rock band that was formed in Norwood, Massachusetts in 2002 by brothers Joe DeGeorge and Paul DeGeorge. The band was inspired by the J.K. Rowling book series 'Harry Potter' and were the first of many similar artists making music about the fictional boy wizard... Read more

Professor Snape (Harry Potter Song)
If your looking for a quick summery of all 8 Harry Potter films in the form of an epic song.. This is the music video for you! (Hopefully) Here's my tribute to a great ...

Harry and the Potters - The Missing Arm of Viktor Krum
This music video a Ron/Hermione ship.Its a funny version of Ron's jealousy of Viktor Krum, and how Harry found the missing arm of Viktor Krum figurine.

phoenix song (harry and the potters)
for people who have seen "the deathly hallows" part 1 a lot of good memories...:')

I Am A Wizard-Harry and The Potters
This is the song "I Am A Wizard" by Harry and The Potters!!! Enjoy!! I own nothing!!! Plz Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!!!

Ron got a Howler-Harry and the Potters
Ron gets a howler...

singing the sweater song with harry and the potters
weezer's got nothing on them.

Harry and the Potters: "The Godfather"
About halfway through the set, the Potters started playing songs with a bit more punk flare to them and also moving out into the crowd a lot. The result was both ...

Harry & the Potters - Voldemort Can't Stop The Rock
Harry & the Potters live at the New York City library. Their introduction and song "Voldemort Can't Stop The Rock."

Harry and the Potters - The Weapon (Leakycon 2016)

Harry and the Potters//The Wrath of Hermoine
Here's a music vedio of sorts that I did to the Harry and the Potters' song, The Wrath of Hermoine. Windows Movie Maker was being a BITCH, so I had to ...

Harry and the Potters: Dumbledore
This is an amazing song and when they played it, i wanted to cry... :(

Harry and the Potters - These Days are Dark (Leakycon 2016)

"Save Ginny Weasly From Dean Thomas"- Harry and the Potters
Harry and the Potters at the Yule Ball 2006 in Boston playing their song "Save Ginny Weasly From Dean Thomas"!!!

Harry and the Potters - SPEW
At the Bohemian Beer Garden - Astoria, Queens.

Harry and the Potters - Save Ginny Weasley
Harry and the Potters rocking a basement in Delaware. First show in the first state, playing their hit song, "Save Ginny Weasley."

99 Death Eaters, 2 Melanies
I love this song. Prophecy, obviously.

harry and the potters - i am harry potter
[2of13] harry and the potters at the mpls public library.

Harry and the Potters - Cornelius Fudge is an Ass (Leakycon 2016)
fuck trump.

Harry and the Potters band Train to Hogwarts song
Harry and the Potters play at Wonder Fair in Lawrence, Kansas, on September 26, 2014.

Harry and the Potters - These Dreams Are Dark
harry and the potters' awesomeness. Fair Use under section 107 of copyright law.

Harry and the Potters - Slug Club
Classic HatP from the album 'Power of Love'.

Harry Potter is DEAD !! (DAZETER Remix)
Download " Full Track " LINK HERE : Video original by Harry Potter ...

Draco and the Malfoys-99 Death Eaters with lyrics
About me: I'm a lifeless teenager who just so happens to love Harry Potter. I've grown to love wizard rock very fondly, and have decided to take it to the next level ...

Harry and the Potters: Phoenix Tears: Philly 7.18.07
Harry and the Potters: Phoenix Tears.

Harry and the Potters - Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock
Harry and the Potters sing Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock at the Los Angeles Public Library on June 26, 2007.

08 - Death Eaters - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 - Alexandre Desplat
08 - Death Eaters by Alexandre Desplat.

harry and the potters - save ginny weasley
[6of13] harry and the potters at the MPL.

Potter Rocks - Bella and the Deatheaters
Bella and the Deatheaters perform at Potter Rocks in Birmingham.

Harry and the Potters - Save Ginny Weasley From Dean Thomas (Sleepover Shows)
Also known as "My Wizard Scar Still Burns For You"

Harry and the Potters - Enchanted Ceiling

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