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Gregg Diamond Feat Luther Vandross - Hot Butterfly

Gregg Diamond - This Side Of Midnight (12'' 1978)
Dj Cole's Disco Classics. Gregg Diamond - This Side Of Midnight. Please Enjoy.

Gregg Diamond -Hardware -1979 Disco (Entire LP)
00:00 1/8th of Your Love 07:19 Greyhound Bus 15:29 Vamp 18:03 War Paint (Love Line) 24:33 Shinin' 29:48 Boogie Doctor Gregg Diamond was one of the ...

Gregg Diamond Bionic Boogie - Fess Up To The Boogie
1978 - Lp " Hot Butterfly"

gregg diamond starcruiser

Gregg Diamond- 1/8th of Your Love-1979 Disco
Thrilling first track from "Hardware", full of the usual tricks one comes to expect from Gregg Diamond; slick production yet with a fast paced rawness that just won't ...

Gregg Diamond's Starcruiser - Fancy dancer DISCO 1978
And other version of "Fancy dancer" by the group Starcruiser from the producer Gregg Diamond. This song is from "The Commodores", but this version is my ...

Gregg Diamond ★ Danger (Always Looking For Stranger)
The Original Masters, Vol. 12 (The Music History of the Disco) 2006.

Gregg Diamond - Danger 12" - Paolo Amato Collection
Paolo Amato Collection.

Gregg Diamond Bionic Boogie - Cream (Always Rises To The Top)
1978 - Lp "Hot Butterfly"

Gregg Diamond -Fancy Dancer (Anton G. bootleg remix) NU DISCO
Anton G. город Екатеринбург Gregg Diamond Fancy Dancer (Anton G. bootleg remix)

Gregg Diamond - War Paint (Love Line) 1979 Disco
Producer extraordinaire Gregg Diamond followed up his classic 1978 "Starcruiser" lp with "Hardware"...this track is taken from that.

Gregg Diamond - Holding back (1978)
Gregg Diamond - Holding back (1978) Taken from "Starcruiser" on T.K Disco. You can also check my compilation Osses Sound - Rare Disco Gems Vol.4 ...

Gregg Diamond Bionic Boogie - Dance Little Dreamer

Gregg Diamond & Bionic Boogie ft Luther Vandross - Hot Butterfly
Gregg Diamond & Bionic Boogie ft Luther Vandross - Hot Butterfly 1978 on Polydor Records Funk/ Soul In dedication to my beautiful best friend - M.G! Another ...

Gregg Diamond- Boogie Doctor-1979 Disco
Gregg Diamond is hands-down one of my favourite producers and writers of the disco era. He worked with Andrea True ("More More More), Gloria Gaynor ...

Gregg Diamond Intro Jonah

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