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Fila BrazilliaBiography Fila Brazillia are from Kingston Upon Hull in East Yorkshire in the UK. They were formed in 1990 by Steve Cobby and David McSherry. They released six albums on Pork Recordings and after creating their own music label, Twentythree Records in 1999, a further four albums followed. Other releases include a various artists compilation in the Another Late Night series, which featured a new track of theirs, Nature Boy (a Nat King Cole cover), and a more dancefloor-oriented compilation entitled Another Fine Mess
Tags: chillout, downtempo, electronic, trip-hop, electronica,

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Fila Brazillia - A Touch of Cloth (Full Album)
(00:00) The Bugs Will Bite (04:56) Airlock Homes (09:13) Ridden Pony (12:31) Slow Light (16:50) Swann Todd (20:09) Snakeskin Bib (25:25) XII (27:29) Trivia ...

Fila Brazillia - Maim That Tune [Full Album]
Track List: 01. Dave Yang & Steve Yin De-Swish T' Swish (0:00) 02. A Zed And Two L's (6:42) 03. Leggy (16:08) 04. At Home In Space (22:49) 05. 6ft Wasp ...

Fila Brazillia - Mess (Full Album)[1996]

A Zed And Two L's - Fila Brazillia
From 1995 Pork Recordings (PORK 021)

At Home In Space - Fila Brazillia
From 1995 Pork Recordings "Maim That Tune" (PORK 027)

Fila Brazillia - Soft Music Under Stars

Fila Brazillia - Played In Japan
A Zed and Two L's - live at Fuji Rock Festival 2000 CD release date - 03 August 2018 Keys/Guitar - Steve Cobby Bass/Keys/Guitar - David McSherry ...

Fila Brazillia - Little Dipper
From the Retrospective album.

Fila Brazillia - Jump Leads (Full Album)
(00:00) Bumblehaun (06:00) Motown Coppers (10:41) Spill the Beans (15:07) DNA (22:00) We Build Arks (25:50) It's a Knockout (32:22) Monk's Utterance ...

Fila Brazillia - Power Clown (Full Album)
1 Bovine Funk 6:39 2 The New Cannonball 4:36 3 Here Comes Pissy Willy 4:22 4 Throwing Down A Shape 5:19 5 Bumpkin Riots 5:59 6 President Chimp Toe ...

Fila Brazillia - Bumblehaun

Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground [Fila Brazillia's Samba]
Track: 4 Album: 6 Underground (Rewired) [Green Disc] Year Released: 1996 Catalog Identification: CUP023CDM Label: Clean Up Records.

Fila Brasillia - Another Fine Mess
Fila Brazillia was an electronica collaboration from Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire, in North-East England, formed in 1990 by Steve Cobby and David McSherry.

Fila Brazillia - Airlock Homes
A Touch of Cloth (1999)

Subtle Body - Fila Brazillia
Subtle Body - Fila Brazillia. Images taken from the Guardian website.

Radiohead - Climbing Up the Walls (Fila Brazillia mix)
Radiohead - Climbing Up the Walls (Fila Brazillia mix)

Moloko - Lotus Eaters /Fila Brazillia mix/
Music Fila Brazillia mix...

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