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FalchionBiography There are two artists named Falchion 1. Finnish pagan/viking metal band. 2. Falchion, an alias of hardcore producer U-F Sequencer 1. Falchion's music is often called pagan/viking metal, but the band itself calls their music heavy metal. Band is founded in May 2002 in Lahti Finland by Juho Kauppinen (lead guitars, vocals), Joonas Simonen (keyboards) and Ville Vehviläinen (drums). Bass player Seppo Tiaskorpi joined Falchion in December 2002. Sami Heinonen joined Falchion in March 2003 as a rhythm guitar player.
Tags: Melodic Death Metal, folk metal, viking metal, finnish, metal,

Similar artists: Runic, Cadacross, Profugus Mortis, Heorot, Aeveron,

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