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Dimitris BakasBiography Dimitris Bakas is a composer who combines electroacoustic and instrumental sounds. His sonic language draws on sound objects and the late spectralist tradition, resulting in what he calls “absolute continuity”. Playing the music involves a strong element of gestural performativity, often close to the threshold of audible sound.

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Dimitris Bakas/Δημήτρης Μπάκας - Συνέντευξη στο Μεταδεύτερο- (Α Μέρος) ΣΥΓΧΡΟΝΟΙ ΕΛΛΗΝΕΣ ΣΥΝΘΕΤΕΣ ΣΤΟ ΜΕΤΑΔΕΥΤΕΡΟ ΚΑΙ ΤΟΥΣ ΑΛΙΕΙΣ ΜΑΡΓΑΡΙΤΑΡΙΩΝ Η πρώτη μας...

Dimitris Bakas, Cubistic Variations on a Theme of Theodore Antoniou
Cubistic Variations (from the third piece onwards) Composer: Dimitris Bakas Pianist: Christos Triantafilou.

Dimitris Bakas - Untitled#10 (dedicated to Immigrants) - Installation
Στα πλαίσια του project:«Modern Odysseus in the arms of Europe» Erasmus+ 2018, ΙΚΥ) 19o Βιοκλιματικό Σχολείο Κατερίνης Untitled#10 - Installation...

Dimitris Bakas, 'Apophatic Spectralism'
For Bass Clarinet and Prepared Piano.

Dimitris Bakas - Music for Soprano and Electronics
Apophatic Composition Composition: Dimitris Bakas Poem: Nadia Fiorou Soprano: Nadia Fiorou.

Dimitris Bakas/Contemporary Chamber Music for Primary School Children (sample)
Composer: Dimitris Bakas Composed for Piano Performed by Students of the Panellinia Music School (Katerini, June 2017) Instructors/Teachers: Christos ...

Dimitris Bakas - 'Co-functionality' - Installation
Con-functionality Description Con-functionality is an Installation that takes place in constructed box/room. It aims in the osmosis of two art forms, Painting and ...

Dimitris Bakas - Lithi (Poem by Loretzos Mavilis)
Music for Choir (soprano, alto, tenor, bass). Poem by Lorentzos Mavilis Music by Dimitris Bakas.

Dimitris Bakas 'Contra'
for Contratenor, Tape and Video Music: Dimitris Bakas Video: Sotiris Tsakirakis Vocals: Tolis Tatolas Το Contra είναι μία οπτικοακουστική εγκατάσταση, δεύτ...

Dimitris Bakas/Luis Tabuenca " P.I.G.S. " Percussion and Field Recordings
P.I.G.S for Percussion and Field Recordings Music: Dimitris Bakas Percussion: Luis Tabuenca.

Dimitris Bakas - VisbyBotanicGardenCoast - extract (2015)
Soundscape Composition Composed During My Residency at Visby Centre for Composers, Sweden May 2015 Field Recordings: Botanic Garden and Coast.

Dimitris Bakas/Luis Tabuenca P.I.G.S. (Drum Set and Field Recording)
Enhancing the background sounds of a pigsty and thus creating a sense of balance between foreground and background sounds (in terms of acoustic ecology), ...

Dimitris Bakas 'Contra' - Score (for Contratenor and Electronics)
Originally Composed for Voice, Electronics and Video Composition: Dimitris Bakas Vocals: Tolis Tatolas.

Dimitris Bakas - Apophatic Spectralism II (for 12 Flutes) Rehearsal at Alatza Imaret
Performed at: Alatza Imaret, Thessaloniki, 1 March 2014 (Rehearsal) (Comment: the reverb is natural) Concert Title: Magic Flutes For 12 Flutes (2 bass flutes) ...

Dimitris Bakas (Miroloi I -III) Live at CMRC 35th Anniversary
Works by Dimitris Bakas Voice: Athena Katsanevaki Miroloi I (2012) Miroloi II (2012-2013) Miroloi III (2013)

Dimitris Bakas - The Soundscape of the fire: echoes from Thessaloniki of 1917
Better with Speakers or headphones with low frequencies response) Έκθεση στο Λαογραφικό και Εθνολογικό Μουσείο Μακεδονίας - Θράκης ...

Dimitris Bakas -SoundSchool/ΗχητικόΣχολείο - (Site Specific Art)
Site Specific Art - Space and Sound 'Sound School' Took place at the 1st elementary school in Katerini (Greece) now used as a sort of gallery. 6-13 March 2015, ...

Dimitris Bakas 'All Of A Sudden', Piano: Christos Triantafilou
Music for Piano and Tape (Pre-Recorded Ring Modulated Piano and Hammond). Originally composed for 2 Pianos and Hammond. Composition: Dimitris Bakas ...

Dimitris Bakas/Δημήτρης Μπάκας - Συνέντευξη στο Μεταδεύτερο- (B Μέρος) ΣΥΓΧΡΟΝΟΙ ΕΛΛΗΝΕΣ ΣΥΝΘΕΤΕΣ ΣΤΟ ΜΕΤΑΔΕΥΤΕΡΟ ΚΑΙ ΤΟΥΣ ΑΛΙΕΙΣ ΜΑΡΓΑΡΙΤΑΡΙΩΝ Η πρώτη μας...

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