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Demon Preacher ‎– Royal Northern EP
Royal Northern 0:00 Laughing At Me 2:28 Steal Your Love 4:33 Dead End Kidz 7:04.

Demon Preacher - Laughing at Me

Demon Preacher - little miss perfect (U.K 1978)
Pre alien sex fiend.

Demon Preacher - Royal Northern (North Seven)
Audio quality not the best but take what you can get!

The Depressions - Handle with care
classic punk......

Talking Heads - Psycho Killer

Track one from the 1970's ep, copyright owned by the band as far as i know. Track down their ep's, "1970's Have Been Made In Hong Kong", musical ...

Under The Sunrise - 6 Inch Screws (Keep It Dirty)
Berlin Hardcore Band: Under The Sunrise Song: 6 Inch Screws Album: Keep It Dirty lyrics: Let me begin with a Story not long ago Another night on a Hardcore ...

Axidents - Mindbomb
Edinburgh - The Hive, 21/9/07.

THE GADGETS there over there 1980
mesmerizing ending track of the first side of "Gadgetree", second lp issued by this underrated UK band featuring a young Matt Johnson... bloddy amazing ...

Fears - Missin' You
Fears - Missin' You Album: Die Slowly But Die 1994 German Psychobilly.

Entferndte Verwandte - Marching Feet
German punk. From the 1982 cassette compilation 1982 Scheiß Drauf Sampler 2.

Action Replay - Decisions
UK punk/power pop. From 1979 split single Zeros / Action Replay – What's Wrong With Pop Group / Decisions on ROK Records.

Various ‎– Messthetics #107 - D.I.Y. '78-81 London III Post Punk Indie Rock UK Music Compilation
Label:Hyped To Death – Messthetics #107 Series:Messthetics – 107 Country:UK Released:2009 Buy Amzn (USA) : (affiliate) Buy Amzn ...

DRUG SQUAD - Perversion Street CD (Detour OFFTB 014) H2D: Pink Fairies fans doing (lots and lots of) first-rate metalpunk/thugpunk. Their song ...

Deep Machine (UK) Live in Eindhoven, Netherlands 1982 + 1982 & 1983 demos.(Classic NWOBHM)
Super rare recordings here by one of the NWOBHM's unsung heroes, DEEP MACHINE. A London-based act that, despite their killer live shows & incredible ...

Mungo Jerry - In the summertime
Es una canción grabada en 1970 por la banda británica, escrita por el lider de la banda, Ray Dorset, alcanzando el número uno en varios países del todo el ...

Rocknroll Tonight - The Horehounds
Another track off the Horehounds double album CD. I added the music to this little movie of me playing drums at Best Buy!

Darko - Hell yes, Heaven's No (@PhilDarkoHipHop)
iTunes: Amazon: Google: Bandcamp: Brampton based rapper Darko's ...

sick things - antisocial disease
"Some say you've got the pox Some say you've got vd But if you got either baby You ain't gonna fuck me ...Keep that cock right away You're anti social you can ...

The Nefilim - Pazuzu (Black Rain)

Carl Green And The Scene - 1.All The Tea In China

VA - Anti-State - Anarcho-Punk Compilation Vol. 2
Recopilado de cassetes y vinilos , temas de estudiio y en vivo de bandas punk anarcopunk de los 80 01. A Touch Of Hysteria - The Rulers 2:45 02.

Defiant Pose : Someone Else's War : AUDIO Punk Vinyl ***********Over 2700 punk/punk related tunes on this ...

TREATMENT - Frat Brains
DFW punk, off their demo -Video Upload powered by

Addix Bad Boy AUDIO Punk Vinyl.

Catholic Metal Bands Pt.1.
Catholic metal bands or christian metal bands with catholic background. list of catholic metal bands.

Quartz - Against All Odd's 1983 FULL ALBUM
For more heavy metal SUBSCRIBE TO CHAOS FORCE! DO IT PUNK! Band - Quartz Album - Against All Odds Track Listing 1. Just Another Man 2. Madman 3.

Chelmsford "CITY ROCK" Punk festival 17th September 1977. The "FRUIT EATING BEARS" play "CROYDON GIRLS" introduced by DJ " JOHN PEEL" The ...

Decadence Within - Turncoat
From their last demo, recorded in 1995.

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