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CompilerbauBiography Compilerbau are a German electronic music group founded in 2005 by Rudolf Koller. Koller was born and grew up in the county of Freising near Munich. Their music is created with modern and vintage synthesizers and often contains real acoustic instruments, percussion and drums. The vocals on some of their tracks where sang by Michael Reithmeier. Both Reithmeier and Koller where members of other local bands before Koller released the first official Album "Talking Machines" with Compilerbau in 2013.
Tags: synthwave, retrowave, new retro wave, electronic, 80s,

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Compilerbau - Fragments Of Bach I
Nice Work Support - "Tachyon" is OUT NOW!

Compilerbau - Talking Machines [Full Album]
Album "Talking Machines" by Compilerbau Remember i didn't made these musics, all rights belong ...

Compilerbau - Tachyon (Extended Edition) [Full Album]
Album "Tachyon (Extended Edition)" by Compilerbau Remember i didn't made these ...

Compilerbau - Fragments of Bach VIII
New Retro Wave + Compilerbau - Fragments of Bach VIII NRW Radio is here! Incredible sounds ...

Compilerbau - Fragments of Bach V
New Retro Wave + Compilerbau Fragments of Bach V NRW Radio is here! An amazing and delightful track. Listen up!

Let's build a compiler #1 Minimale Sprache parsen mit ANTLR4 - Compilerbau Tutorial deutsch HD
Einen Compiler bauen Schritt für Schritt erklärt, hier: mit ANTLR4! Flattr: Alle Folgen im Überblick: ...

Compilerbau - Charlatan
New Retro Wave + Compilerbau Charlatan Happy 2018! Let's get this year off to a flying start with some new Compilerbau!! Enjoy!

Vorlesung Compilerbau (1) - Einleitung
Vorlesung Compilerbau vom 11.Nov.2017 Bei der Aufnahme gab es neben dem fehlenden Micro noch Probleme mit den Folien. Leider sind die Folien nicht ...

Compilerbau - Neon Drive 84
Another MAJOR Exclusive only on NRW! This is our Fourth OFFICIAL single taken from "The 80's Dream Compilation Tape - Vol.3". Get ready for an EPIC ...

Compilerbau - Forbidden Challenge
BUY the North Wall ep: Follow: Synthwave / 80s Retro Electro ...

Compilerbau - Protorobotics
ARTIST SUPPORT Compilerbau ...

Compilerbau - Talking Machines
Friggin Epic Work!!!! Support - Artwork found here -

Compilerbau - Fragments of Bach I

Compilerbau - Fragments of Bach III

Compilerbau - Leaving Earth (DJ Ten Remix)
New work! Tachyon is OUT NOW! Support - ...

Compilerbau - Walking Outer Space
Supreme work!! Tachyon is OUT NOW! Support - Get your retrowear here: ...

Compilerbau - Tachyon (Reprise)
Mesmerizing..... Compilerbau - Tachyon (Reprise) Compilerbau: Facebook: ...

Compilerbau - Fabienné
COMPILERBAU tested some new equipment, this track 'Fabienné' is a result of that... but who is Fabienné... Synthwave / 80s Retro Electro / Retrowave BUY: ...

Compilerbau - North Wall
Stay Retro and Subscribe: Support: Our Official Spotify: Also Support: ...

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