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Cecilio & KaponoArtist info Cecilio & Kapono have been one of Hawaii's most popular music duos since their formation in the early 1970s. They are well known for the three albums they recorded for Columbia Records between 1974 and 1977. Their popular hits include the songs "Friends," "Sunflower," "Sunshine Love," "About You," and "Sailing" which still get local Hawaii airplay more than 30 years after their release. Today Cecilio & Kapono are also successful solo artists in the Hawaii & World music markets... Read more

Cecilio & Kapono - About You
C&K - About You.

Cecilio & Kapono- About you (with lyrics)
Beautiful song by Cecilio and Kapono.

Cecilio & Kapono " You and Me " (ELUA)
Cecilio & Kapono " You and Me " (ELUA) Columbia Records (No Copyright Infringement Intended)

The Katinas & Henry Kapono perform "About You" Classic by Cecilio & Kapono (C & K)
Growing up in the island of American Samoa, we had many musical influences. Among them was a Hawaiian island/Pop music duo called Cecilio & Kapono ...

Here with you-Cecilio & Kapono
"Night Music"(Album-1997 Cecilio&Kapono)one of my favorite song, beautiful!懐かしい!

cecilio & kapono - you
Cecilio & Kapono, You, 1995.

About You - Cecilio & Kapono
one of the best groups in Hawaii.

Cecilio & Kapono - About You
Album : Elua (1975) -Video Upload powered by

"About You", Performed By Henry Kapono And Blayne Asing
"About You", a song written by Cecilio Rodriguez and performed by Henry Kapono and Blayne Asing. This video was shot at Don Quixote's International Music ...

About You C&K [cover]
christine meredith n zack meredith singin about you by c&k one our dads fave songs...chillin after church on sunday :)

Cecilio & Kapono - About You (1975)
Website :

About You (live)
About You (bit) Cecilio and Kapono live Lifetime Party: 30 years.

Cecilio and Kapono-About you Live
One of the Best live performances...

Cecilio & Kapono - About You (1975)

Cecilio & Kapono - About You Guitar Cover(No vocals)
It was hard singing and I didn't wanna butcher the song so I just made an instrumental. Lol Sorry for the little mistakes :P.

Cecilio & Kapono - Here With You
Album : Night Music (1977) -Video Upload powered by

Cecilio & Kapono - GoodNight And GoodMorning (1975)
Website :

Cecilio and Kapono- About You (with lyrics)
(re-upload from my old channel) Not my song! This is "About You" by the iconic Cecilio and Kapono. I love this song and couldn't find a lyric video for it.

Cecilio and Kapono - Have You Ever Had That Feelin'
From the album Night Music 1977. Picture montage of Sandy Beach on the south shore of Oahu where my friend Scott and I used to go to every weekend.

Cecilio and Kapono - Life's Different Now
Picture montage of old movie theatres that have been closed and/or demolished in Honolulu. Oahu Theaters Shut Down American Theatre (across from Hubba ...

Cecilio and Kapono - Feelin' Just The Way I Do (Over You)
Song #1 from their self titled Cecilio and Kapono album. 1974 Picture montage of some beaches of Oahu.

Cecilio & Kapono - Make It Up To You (1977)
From their 1977 album, Night Music. Written by Henry Kapono. Produced by Bruce Botnick, Terry Powell & Cecilio & Kapono Recorded at Capitol Recording ...

Cecilio & Kapono About You (Cover)
Best About You cover ever!!!

Cecilio & Kapono About You

Cecilio & Kapono - About You Instrumental
Great song, great guitar work.

Cecilio and Kapono - Song for Someone
Cecilio & Kapono [1974] Dedicated to my sister Maria "Nicelda"

C&K - Cecilio & Kapono "About You"
Cecilio & Kapono celebrating 35 years of music at the "Back in the Day" concert at Waikiki Shell, Aug 23, 2008.

Cecilio & Kapono - Feeling Just The Way I Do (Over You)
Album : Cecilio & Kapono (1974) -Video Upload powered by

Cecilio & Kapono- Here With You (Live)
A live performance by Cecilio & Kapono of their song "Here With You". From the album "Together Live". Recorded on April 17, 1982 at the Waikiki Shell.

Cecilio & Kapono " All In Love Is Fair "
Cecilio & Kapono " All In Love Is Fair " 1988 (No Copyright Infringement Intended) one of my favs from C&K song originally from stevie wonder Label COLUMBIA ...

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