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ButtergloryArtist info Butterglory was a lo-fi, indie-rock duo from Lawrence, KS, via California. Matt Suggs and Debby Vander Wall released their debut full-length Crumble in 1994, followed by the singles collection Downed. Bassist Stephen Naron came on-board as a full-time member in advance of 1996's Are You Building a Temple in Heaven? The three-song EP She's Got the Akshun was released the same year. The LP Rat Tat Tat followed in 1997... Read more

Butterglory - Forty-Four
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This is Trapped from Butterglory from the album Crumble. Butterglory is an indie pop band comprised of Matt Suggs and Debbie Vander Wall.

Butterglory -Waiting On The Guns
another great track from album "Crumble"

Alexander Bends - Butterglory
Title: Alexander Bends Artist: Butterglory Album: Downer.

May I introduce "Our Proud Mascot" by the one and only, Butterglory, from their album Crumble. Butterglory is an Indie Pop band from the 90's and they don't fuck ...

Butterglory It's Still Raining

LA BEDOUNE- Forty Four

Another wonderful track from their debut album, "Crumble." As promised...

Butterglory -Those Mooney Stars
Great song from album "Crumble" 1994.

BUTTERGLORY * Live @STINKWEEDS- Tempe, Az 4-13-96
Filmed by JoeRockwell.

BUTTERGLORY * Live @STINKWEEDS- Tempe, Az 4-13-96
Filmed by Joe Rockwell.

Butterglory - The Drums Were Lost
Artist: Butterglory Album: Crumble Track: 15 Released: 1994 Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" ...

He Left Us Nothing - Butterglory
Top track (in my expert opinion) from their debut, "Crumble." Extremely short but extremely powerful...Indie Pop at it's finest.

"Those Mooney Stars" by Butterglory
Vocal Fry covering "Those Mooney Stars" by Butterglory.

The Centromatic Band - Misunderstanding Surplus in the Getaway Car
From the Dallas Observer Scene, Heard Volume 2 compilation Before there was Centro-matic, there was The Centromatic Band... Copyright 1995 Will Johnson.

Liquorette - "Vic Firth" (When You Work I Sleep 1996)
Post Corndolly and Pre Matt Friedberger's Fiery Furnaces....was Champaign Urbana's Liquorette! 1996 release on Mud Records. 21 song debut by ...

sardina band + melone aka ape aka live @ time out
la la la la la la stand by me performed by sardina band special guest simone melone aka ape aka lo scimmione incazzato ska simone la la la scusate la mano ...

A live-ing room version of a song by The Cannanes which was released as a 7" single in 1988 and was compiled on all subsequent non-vinyl versions of A Love ...

Liquorette - What Is Purchased Is What Is Pure And Chaste (When You Work I Sleep MUDCD014)
1996 release on Mud Records. 21 song debut recorded 1994-95. Band members Angie Heaton, Wendy O'Neal, and a pre-Fiery Furnaces Matt Friedberger ...

Hot Glue Gun - "Dive"
Hot Glue Gun "Dive" from Watch Your Speed 7" Mud Records 1990?

Columbia Ward Band Group
johnny and freebird by columbia ward band group.

No Age live @ Stinkweeds 7-18 Part 2 -
No Age played a free instore concert at Stinkweeds on a very hot Phoenix day!

Stereolab 11/04/1993 - Norman, OK @ Rome
from VHS master Apologies for the extra shaky camera work. 00:00 Changer 04:05 French Disko 09:08 Jenny Ondioline Parts 1 and 2 22:25 Ronco Symphony ...

1996-07-25 Cicero's, St. Louis, MO - Neutral Milk Hotel (Live)
The final show of NMH's first tour, which began in California, and later continued to the East Coast with Butterglory. They do not have a place to stay tonight.

BUNNYGRUNT (Live @Indietracks) (25-7-2015)

Archers of Loaf - "Audiowhore" "Harnessed in Slums" Live
The Loaf performing their encore consisting of Audiowhore and Harnessed in Slums @ The Loft in Dallas, TX on 6/12/11. The line-up includes Eric Bachman, ...

Menomena live @ Stinkweeds
Phoenix AZ

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