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Atomic RoosterArtist info Atomic Rooster was a British early 1970s touring hard rock/progressive rock band which continued on and off for a decade. The band was founded by the late British blues pianist Vincent Crane (21 May 1943 – 14 February 1989), originally with British drummer Carl Palmer, after Crane left The Crazy World of Arthur Brown which he had co-founded in 1966. Crane found himself in America in 1968 on his first American Tour supporting The Crazy World of Arthur Brown's "Fire" single and "Fire" album which topped the USA charts. The single was number one in England and Europe, and the album top five... Read more

Atomic Rooster - Black Snake - 1972 Live
vocals - chris farlowe, from colosseum organ - vincent crane, from crazy world of arthur brown drums - ric parnell, later from spinal tap guitar - steve bolton.

Atomic Rooster - Death Walks Behind You
A great song not featured on youtube yet.

Atomic Rooster-Tomorrow Night (TOTP 1971)
Top of the Pops 25th Feb 1971.

Best Classics - Atomic Rooster - Death Walks Behind You
Best Classics - Atomic Rooster - Death Walks Behind You 1. Death Walks Behind You 2. VUG 3. Tomorrow Night 4. Streets 5. Sleeping for Years 6. I Can't Take ...

Atomic Rooster - Breakthrough Take (1971) HQ

Atomic Rooster - I can't take no more (Beat-Club Feb 1971)
I can't take no more - recorded for Beat-club 27th Feb 1971.Radio Bremen Germany.

Atomic Rooster - Devil's answer (TOTP)
Top of The Pops July 1971.

Atomic Rooster - Broadcast Anthology - The Total Experience - 1970-1972 (Remastered)
Audio & Video Remastered by BrunoSamppa, 2018 The "Beat-Club" Sessions - Radio Bremen / ARD / WDR - Germany: 1. Save Me (4 Aug 1970) 2. Sleeping ...

Atomic Rooster - Tomorrow Night
Atomic Rooster - Tomorrow Night Atomic Rooster playing their hit single "Tomorrow Night" live at Beat Club. Atomic Rooster was an English progressive rock ...

ATOMIC ROOSTER The Ultimate Anthology
Atomic Rooster byla britská progressive rocková skupina, složená z bývalých členů The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Jediným stálým členem skupiny byl ...

Atomic Rooster - Broken Wings
Atomic Rooster, 1970, England.

Atomic Rooster - Breaktrough (1971)
This is the first song of the Album "In Hearing of ..." by Atomic Rooster (1971)

Atomic Rooster - Tomorrow Night
From the 1970 album DEATH WALKS BEHIND YOU. Vincent Crane - Piano, Organ John DuCann - Guitars, Vocals Paul Hammond - Drums.

03 Winter - Atomic Roooster (1970) - Atomic Rooster
Line up: Vocals: Nick Graham Flute: Nick Graham Keys: Vincent Crane Drums: Carl Palmer.

04 A Spoonful Of Bromide Helps The Pulse Rate Go Down - 1972 French TV - Atomic Rooster *HQ*
Line up: Vocals: Chris Farlowe Guitar: Steve 'Boltz' Bolton Keys: Vincent Crane Drums: Ric Parnell.

Atomic Rooster - Sleeping for Years (Beat-Club August 1970)
Sleeping for Years .Recorded for Beat Club 15th August 1970 . Radio Bremen Germany.

ATOMIC ROOSTER - Devil's Answer
Song: Devil's Answer Artist: Atomic Rooster Album: In Hearing of Atomic Rooster* (1971) It is the american single version of "Devil's answer" on "Elektra" with ...

Atomic Rooster - Black Snake / Breakthrough - Live 1972 (Remastered)
Black Snake (17 Feb 1972) Session Breakthrough (23 Feb 1972) Session Beat-Club - Radio Bremen - Germany Audio & Video Remastered by BrunoSamppa, ...

Atomic Rooster - VUG (Beat-Club August 1970)
VUG - recorded for Beat-Club Radio Bremen Germany August 15th 1970.

Atomic Rooster- Breakthrough

Play the Game - Atomic Rooster (1970)
Title: Play the Game Artist: Atomic Rosster Album: Atomic Roooster (Bonus Track)

Atomic Rooster - Head In The Sky
From their 1971 album "In Hearing Of..." Lyrics: The Scared Are The Chosen Few, Looking For The Times We Knew. Colour Of The Day's Gone By, Hang Your ...

06 I Can't Take No More - Death Walks Behind You (1970) - Atomic Rooster
Line up: Vocals: John Du Cann Keys: Vincent Crane Drums: Paul Hammond.

01 Friday The 13th - Atomic Roooster (1970) - Atomic Rooster
Line up: Vocals: Nick Graham Bass: Nick Graham Keys: Vincent Crane Drums: Carl Palmer.

Atomic Rooster - Time Take My Life
Made in England 1972.

Atomic Rooster Live Death Walks Behind You Hull Jan 2017
Pete, Steve, Christian and the boys at the Fruit Hull 26th January 2017. Sorry for the shaky video. Pete - sorry for the voice quality. Members: Peter French ...

Atomic Rooster - Devil's Answer (1971)

Atomic Rooster-Tomorrow Night
Atomic Rooster playing Tomorrow Night.

Atomic Rooster 'Death Walks Behind You'/'Head In The Sky' 19.1.18
Filmed at Butlins Great British Rock & Blues Festival, Skegness. Friday 19th January 2018. Peter French - Vocals, Steve Bolton - Guitar, Adrian Gautrey - Organ, ...

Very rare and great version from a rather worn BBC transcription disc, their first session just as the fist album is released, enjoy the progressive sounds...

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