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Ann MillerArtist info Ann Miller (April 12, 1923 – January 22, 2004) was an American dancer, singer and actressMiller was given a contract with RKO at the age of thirteen (she had told them she was eighteen), and remained there until 1940.The following year, Miller was offered a contract at Columbia Pictures, where she bumped friend Lucille Ball from the throne as "Queen of the B-Movies". She finally hit her mark (starting in the late 1940s) in her roles in MGM musicals such as Kiss Me, Kate, Easter Parade, and On the Town.Miller was famed for her speed in tap dancing; she claimed to be able to tap 500 times per minute... Read more

Tap Dance 1938 (Ann Miller)
From the movie: RADIO CITY REVELS 1938 Ann Miller was only 15 years old when this movie was made. It's hard to believe that she was that good that young.

In a series of interviews toward the end of her life, Ann Miller shares thoughts and memories about her MGM costar, Judy Garland.

REMEMBERING JUDY GARLAND Mickey Rooney Ann Miller Lorna Luft
Also featuring Larry KIng, Margaret O'Brien, Mort Lindsey, and Norman Jewison. 2001.

Ann Miller Discusses "Kiss Me Kate" and Fred Astaire--TV Interview
Ann Miller discusses filming the 3-D hit "Kiss Me Kate" and dancing with Fred Astaire in this rare TV interview.

Tom Dick or Harry - Kiss Me Kate - Ann Miller (1953)
Tom, Dick or Harry is a show tune from the Cole Porter musical, Kiss Me, Kate, introduced on Broadway on December 30, 1948 by Lisa Kirk (as Bianca); Harold ...

Ann Miller Mike Douglas (1/24/68)
Ann Miller and host Mike Douglas sing the hits from Kiss Me Kate. January 24, 1968.

Tap Dance 1943 (Ann Miller)
From the movie: WHAT'S BUZZIN' COUSIN? 1943 A little jive and tap dance featuring Ann Miller backed by Freddy Martin & His Orchestra.

Ann Miller, Tiny Tim, Otto Preminger--1969 TV Interview, Marilyn Monroe, John Barrymore
Ann Miller, Tiny Tim, director Otto Preminger and critic Cleveland Amory are interviewed in this 1969 TV appearance. Preminger discusses working with Marilyn ...

[HQ] Hallelujah! Reprise (Hit the Deck-1955)
The ensemble performs "Hallelujah! - Reprise" in the 1955 musical "Hit the Deck".

Ann Miller sings "Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey"
Ann Miller sings "Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey" on Hollywood Palace, May 22, 1965. RIP Dante DiPaolo.

Tap Dance 1941 (Ann Miller)
From the movie: TIME OUT FOR RHYTHM 1941 Actor Allen Jenkins does a surprisingly good job dancing with Ann Miller. Also featured is the excellent vocal ...

Tap Dance 1941 (Ann Miller)
From the movie: TIME OUT FOR RHYTHM 1941 I've had a request for this number so here it is. Ann Miller dances with backup by Glen Grey and His Orchestra.

[HQ] I've Gotta Hear That Beat (Small Town Girl-1953)
Ann Miller performs "I've Gotta Hear That Beat" in the 1953 musical "Small Town Girl".

On The Town - Gene Kelly - Frank Sinatra - Ann Miller
Title melody form "On The Town" with Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Jules Munshin, Vera Ellen, Betty Garrett & Ann Miller. Music is written by Leonard Bernstein.

Tap Dance 1942 (Ann Miller)
From the movie: PRIORITIES ON PARADE 1942 Ann Miller dances at about the I:05 mark after an opening vocal with Johnny Johnston.

Barbara Rylska -"Bo ja się boję utyć" (tańczy Ann Miller)
muzyka: Fred Raymond tekst: Andrzej Włast tańczy Ann Miller w filmie “Love Boat” (1982) "Bo ja się boję utyć" Przed laty tylko grube panie wielbił świat. Kobieta ...

Ann Miller ~ Dance Routine
Dance routine by the lovely Ann Miller - from the 1953 film "Small Town Girl"

Tap Dance 1937 (Ann Miller)
From the movie: NEW FACES OF 1937 This was Ann Miller's first credited appearance on film at the age of 14.

Actress, singer, dancer Ann Miller's major breakthrough came in the MGM film "Easter Parade". Her incredible tap dance routine in "Shaking The Blues Away" is ...

Ann Miller
Buy in iTunes: Spotify: Ann Miller (12 de abril ...

Ann Miller - I Gotta Hear That Beat(Small Town Girl. 1953)
22 января 2004 года умерла в возрасте 80 лет Энн Миллер - известная американская актриса, певица и танцовщица...

ann miller
very rare number, for more info...

Song & Tap Dance 1944 (Ann Miller)
From the movie: JAM SESSION 1944 Ann Miller sings and dances in this WWII era flag waver number. I think it could be argued that Ann Miller was the best ...

Brad Paisley/Alison Krauss - "Whiskey Lullaby" - cover by Grace Ann Miller
My cover of Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss' s duet "Whiskey Lullaby." Performed for "Sunday Sounds" at the Middle Country Public Library on 10/18/2015.

[HQ] My Gaucho (Small Town Girl-1953)
Ann Miller performs "My Gaucho" in the 1953 musical "Small Town Girl".

Tap Dance 1942 (Ann Miller)
From the movie: TRUE TO THE ARMY 1942 Young Ann Miller does her thing. It is said that no one, male or female put the heel to the floor faster than Ann Miller.

On The Town (Movie) - Ann Miller / Prehistoric Man
On The Town (Movie) - Anchors Aweigh, 1945 - Original Soundtrack - Ann Miller / Prehistoric Man. CD-Songlist: On The Town, 1949 - Anchors Aweigh, 1945 On ...

I'll remember April 1945 Eve Knew Her Apples - Ann Miller
The great Ann Miller in Eve Knew Her Apples.

This is a tribute to legendary Hollywood actress, singer, dancer Ann Miller. Miller's breakthrough came in the MGM film "Easter Parade". Her incredible tap dance ...

Sia - "Cheap Thrills" - cover by Grace Ann Miller
My acoustic version of Sia's "Cheap Thrills." Performed at the Middle Country Public Library as part of "Sunday Sounds" on 11/13/16.

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