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An Emerald CityArtist info Forming in late 2005 this New Zealand six piece has created a sound that combines Eastern traditional instruments and psychedelic leanings with experimentation and musical liberation. Instrumental, thoughtful songs created by guitars, drums, sitars, violins, a Persian long necked lute, tabla, daabuka, piano and percussion found from various reaches of the universe.An Emerald City have gathered an excellent following in their home country and have spent much of late 2007 and 2008 playing shows, festivals and tours supporting the release of their debut self titled EP, which has received excellent reviews. Late 2008 and early 2009 has seen the band back on the festival circuit with legendary live shows throughout the South Island of New Zealand... Read more

An Emerald City - The Fourth (2011) Full Album
"Returning home to New Zealand to tour and release their second album 'The Fourth' in Summer 2011, Berlin based band An Emerald City's sound has evolved ...

An Emerald City - Moon
From the album "Circa Scaria"

An Emerald City - 'Qing Song'
An Emerald City release their first music video - 'Qing Song'

An Emerald City - Mull Pasha
Title: Mull Pasha Artist: An Emerald City Album: Circa Scaria.

An Emerald City - Seizuretron
Thanks to all involved, here is 'Seizuretron' by An Emerald City Directed by Sam Handley DOP - Grant Adams Post - Ken Kahn & made with help by Nicky, Jon ...

An Emerald City - Casual Encounters
The Fourth 2011 [New Zealand]

An Emerald City - Hamelin
Title: Hamelin Artist: An Emerald City Album: Circa Scaria.

Dramarama - Emerald City
I've finally found it I'm feeling my way all around it I'm going to surround it Soon everything's going to be fine Hey hey I can do what I say I'm lost in a sweet ...

An Emerald City tribute to The Residents
An Emerald City tribute to The Residents at thier debut album 'Circa Scaria' release show. Ambassador Theatre April 2009.

The Emerald City In Ruins - "The Skies Will Crumble Together" Official Music Video
Wichita Kansas's own Emerald City In Ruins. An astonishing mixture of hardcore breakdowns, brutal death metal blasts, & tech-metal riffing that unrelentlessly ...

An Emerald City - Seizuretron
[email protected] Galeron - Hamburg 12. September 2011.

An Emerald city - A Strange Sense Of Reality
From "circa scaria" album.

JRNYMedley - Emerald City - 1992 - Lost Horizon, Syracuse, NY

An Emerald City - Ulica Bolslaw
Made on a budget of 3 x bottles of Vodka & shot on the most budget camera known to Mankind here is - Ulica Bolslaw Directed, Filmed & Edited by Sam Edward ...

Emerald City - Little Red / Lonely Lady
This video is meant for the purpose of entertainment only... The images used within this video are taken from various photos & scans of my personal original ...

An Emerald City Live
An Emerald City Live in Biesenthal und am Ende der Wald 07.08.2011.

ECP Emerald City Playaz - 2-0-Sickness
SEATTLE SHIT straight lace playaz 1995.

Von Grall - Emerald City
Taken from the debut Von Grall LP Infinitum. Available now -

U.S.E - Emerald City

Hand of Mercy - Emerald City
'Emerald City' is taken from Hand Of Mercy's new album 'Resolve' - OUT NOW via UNFD. Buy on iTunes: Vinyl & CD: ...

One Short Day
The song from the wicked soundtrack.

Justin ‡ Symbol - Emerald City Justin Symbol [vocals, electronics] Alessio Casalini [guitar, electronics] Paul Dee [bass] Lyrics: I woke up In an Emerald City ...

The Seekers(Judith Durham) Emerald City (No Children's Voices in Background) 1967
The Seekers(Judith Durham) Emerald City (No Children's Voices in Background) 1967 Written by Kim Fowley and John Martin and recorded in 1967 for a ...

#002 The Lottery Winners - The Emerald City
We caught up with "The Lottery Winners", often found headlining indie clubs the world over, and made them set up a little less comfortably than they were used ...

An Emerald City - A Thousand Stars At Night
From their EP "An Emerald City"

Emerald City - Clockwork
Clockwork off their first EP ''These are Hard Times for Dreamers''. Emerald City is 4-piece post-hardcore band from Adelaide, Australia. They are unsigned.

An Emerald City - Acid Eyes - Late at the Museum
Playing live in Auckland Museum,the acoustics were wikud as in there. 4/03/2010 P.S. does anyone know the name of this song? chur.

ONE SHOT by Emerald City
Emerald City is a great band from Central NY. Their drummer is Gary Holland, formerly from the band Great White. This is a live video of their original tune, called ...

Emerald City OST - Lucas Fights Lucas
Emerald City Soundtrack - "Lucas Fights Lucas" by Trevor Morris My Chanel -

An Emerald city Live at the Penguin Club
An Emerald City at the Penguin Entertainers Club.

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