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Alain JohannesArtist info Alain Johannes (Born 1962 in Chile) is a guitarist, though has been known to play numerous other instruments including but not limited to bass guitar, mandolin, piano, fiddle and clarinet. He is the founding member of the now defunct bands Anthym (Later named 'What Is This?') and Eleven. He frequently performed and wrote music with his wife Natasha Shneider (Also of Eleven) before her death in 2008. Johannes has significantly contributed to albums by Chris Cornell, Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, Desert Sessions and the Mark Lanegan Band as well as mixing, recording and producing a number of other records... Read more

Alain Johannes - Spark (FULL ALBUM WITH LYRICS HD)
Alain Johannes`s debut solo album, dedicated to Natasha Shneider. Fuente/Source: Folow us: ...

Alain Johannes Trío ● Lollapalooza 2018 ★ HD
Créditos: Setlist: ...

Alain Johannes - Endless Eyes
Alain Johannes + Exotic Location = Awesome Location: Boat on a Norwegian Fjord FILMED BY JOSH HOMME

Them Crooked Vultures - Alain Johannes guitar solo (live @ Rock Werchter 2010)
Alain Johannes is the man ! Them Crooked Vultures live Rockwerchter 04/07/2010 Josh Homme Alain Johannes Dave Grohl John Paul Jones.

Alain Johannes - El Rockstar chileno (Documental)
Desde sus comienzos enseñándole a tocar bajo a Flea en What Is This, teloneando a Pearl Jam y Soundgarden con su banda Eleven, contribuyendo en grupos ...

Alain Johannes, Dave Grohl, Lee Ving, Pat Smear, and Taylor Hawkins -- Your Wife Is Calling

Alain Johannes - Endless Eyes
from the new album "Spark" (2010)

Alain Johannes: Gentle Ghost (Antiquiet Sessions)
We recently visited Alain at his 11AD studios, where he performed a set of highlights and favorites from his own catalogue for the second Antiquiet Sessions ...

Alain Johannes - Spider
from the new album "Spark" (2010)

Alain Johannes and Eleven featured on Beavis & Butthead
Beavis & Butthead make fun of the "Reach Out" video from Alain Johannes and his band, Eleven. This song is available on iTunes: ...

Alain Johannes - Return To You
Given love All the hardness of a world gone astray Is kept far away Give love Every seed can find it's way to the sun While having fun Given love All the ...

Alain Johannes Trió : Bar de René 03/11/2017 (Full Show)
Alain Johannes Trió en un concierto de carácter íntimo realizado en el Bar de René el día viernes 3 de Noviembre del 2017 y que fue transmitido para todo ...

Eleven - Monster (Alain Johannes & Natasha Shneider)
from Thunk B- Sides Album Alain Johannes:vocals and guitar Natasha Shneider:vocals ,keyboard ,bass Jack Irons : Drums Into this world Revved like a crowd ...

Alain Johannes - The Bleeding Whole
from the new album "Spark" (2010)


Alain Johannes - Time For Miracles (covered by Adam Lambert)
Available at itunes: Alain Johannes wrote this song with his late partner, Natasha ...

Alain Johannes - Hangin Tree (Queen of the Stone Age) en SonarFM
El músico chileno estuvo en SonarFM con Alfredo Lewin hablando sobre su carrera. Escucha SonarFM Únete a Facebook ...

Conversamos con Alain Johannes
Conversamos con el guitarrista chileno-estadounidense Alain Johannes quien acaba de lanzar un proyecto musical junto a Mike Patton. Comenta y comparte ...

Chris Cornell & Alain Johannes ● Live At SWU 2011 ★
1. Chris Cornell introducing Alain Johannes´s music 2. Wooden Jesus (Temple of the Dog) 3. Endless Eyes (Alain Johannes) 4. Hunger Strike (Temple of the ...

Alain Johannes - Disappearing One (Chris Cornell) en vivo en Sonar FM
El músico chileno estuvo en SonarFM con Alfredo Lewin homenajeando a Chris Cornell y hablando sobre su amistad con el líder de Soundgarden. Escucha ...

Programa Señal en Vivo transmitido por Rockaxis TV :

Alain Johannes acústico en SonarFM
El músico chileno hizo una sesión acústica donde interpretó temas de Queen of the Stone Age y Chris Cornell. Revisa el registro de Nicolás Rojas Castro para ...

Alain Johannes Trio//Band ★ Best Live Performances (HD)
1. Hangin Tree 00:00 2. Reach Out 03:33 3. Kaleidoscope 08:04 4. Let It Gnaw 12:12 5. Nature Wants To Kill Me 15:35 6. Seasick of You 20:22 7. Now is the ...

Eleven - Reach Out (Alain Johannes & Natasha Shneider)
FROM ELEVEN ALBUM Trapped in a shell my intention is strong With a mouthful of water I can break through a stone Carried on a dove I have dropped from the ...

Alain Johannes Trío - Cumbre del Rock Chileno 2018
Créditos: Folow us: ...

Mike Patton & Alain Johannes - How Sad, How Lovely
From "Vanity Of Vanities - A Tribute To Connie Converse" 2017 Tzadik Records.

Alain Johannes - great solo
I thought this man needs more credit.

Pearl Jam - Kick Out The Jams w/Dave Grohl & Alain Johannes - Werchter (July 4, 2010)
2 cam mix. Soundboard. Footage courtesy of josdecross, Tjeerd van Dijk.

Alain Johannes - Fragments & Wholes, Vol 1 (FULL ALBUM WITH LYRICS & ARTWORK HD)
Alain Johannes`s second solo album. Fuente/source: Folow us: ...

Walk The Moon - Daddy's Comin' Home (Alain Johannes & Natasha Shneider First Band)) Folow us: ...

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