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AbigailBiography There are currently 5 Artists under the name Abigail. A Japanese black/thrash metal band, a Polish heavy/power/melodic metal band, Abigail Zsiga and a Czech alternative rock band. Abigail (Japan): Abigail was formed in January of 1992 by Yasuyuki (Bass/Vocal), Youhei (Drums) and Yasunori (Guitar) being inspired by early black/thrash metal bands like Bathory, Venom, Sodom, Bulldozer, Hellhammer, NME etc. The first demo "Abigail Demo #1 '92" was released in July of 1992 and in August of the same year they played their first gig with Sigh.
Tags: black metal, thrash metal, blackened thrash metal, japanese, black Thrash metal,

Similar artists: Barbatos, Sabbat, Gehennah, Abhorer, Midnight,

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FUENTE: SuperConns:

VLOG galag sa AVC Thailand Part 3

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King Diamond - Abigail
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