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Gojira - Flying whales (lyric)
LYRIC: Waters of chaos Have invaded all space The flood on earth again I have to find the whales That once did guide us To dry lands of life I won't despair I'll ...

Gojira - The heaviest matter of the universe (lyric)
LYRIC: Lay down fall away Lie awake Just cannot move My arms and legs I'm paralyzed Don't recall how to free Myself from this In the heart of the dark My face ...

Gojira - Toxic Garbage Island ( Live Hellfest 2016)
Gojira hits the road next week for the last time this year. Our friends in Torche and Code Orange will be joining us. Hope to see you there! Dates below: THE ...

Rythme Sauvage MIDI by Mario Duplantier (Gojira)
Meet Mario Duplantier of metal band Gojira and hear his thoughts behind the Rythme Sauvage MIDI pack. More info, audio demos and video here: ...

Liberty Prime vs Gojira in Fallout: New Vegas
Liberty Prime... a giant gecko's worst nightmare. Liberty Prime Companion for New Vegas: Gojira called ...

First Jam Ever Gojira Cover Attempt 1
this is our first time playing together and we attempted to start out with 3 Gojira songs, Ouroborus, Toxic Garbage Island and Vacuity.

Godzilla: Monster Planet Final Trailer (2018) Godzilla Anime Movie
Godzilla Monster Planet Trailer 3 - 2017 Japanese Anime Movie Subscribe for more: ...

My Top 5 Favorite Death Metal Bands
my top 5 favorite death metal bands 5. lamb of god - redneck ( you can say it's not death metal but it's sounds like it to me) 4. death - a moment of clarity 3. gojira ...

Gojira first time live performance in TURKEY... \m/ Enjoy!

Monster island episode 2
Who is the man in the hood?

GOJİRA - Mario Duplantier - Drum Solo İstanbul (Rock Off Festival) 04/08/2014

Godzilla Save The Earth Let's Play 2
My second LP of Godzilla: Save The Earth. I'm still trying to get a good quality picture for this LP...but, for some reason, my computer keeps making it as crappy ...

Gojira L'Enfant Sauvage
İstanbul !!! 04.08.14.

Gojira à l'Atabal, Biarritz, 10/07/2016
Gojira à l'Atabal, Biarritz, 10/07/2016.

Gojira Iron city May 3rd 2017 L'Enfant Sauvage
Gojira performing L'Enfant Sauvage at Iron city in Birmingham, Alabama 05/03/2017. Recorded with a Samsung galaxy s8 plus. Would have been better quality ...

Gojira - Flying Whales Live Quebec 2013-11-24
gojira playing flying whales live from quebec capitol taken from the gates in front !!

Mario Duplantier Drum Solo following Gojira - Where Dragons Dwell / Rock Off Festival 2014 HD
2-3-4 August @ROCK OFF Festival in Küçükçiftlik Park - Istanbul / TURKEY.

Godzilla and friends episode 8 cyborg suit
Godzilla is in for a surprise because his friends made him something and there also a new member.

godzilla and friends episode 5 going to the movies
Godzilla and friends go to the cinema and king gidorah pics a scary movie and later gamera and angurius come :)

Fallout 4 GOJIRA

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