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[Chiptune] Tengen Toppa My Little Pony
[DOWNLOAD IN DESCRIPTION] Image belongs to UC77 on, literally my favorite pony artist. Go hit up and fav his pic!

Friendship is Tengen Toppa
An animation that I did during my free time, when I wasn't doing projects or looking for work. Took a little more than a year and I improved a lot while working on ...

Sorairo Days - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Famitracker (8-Bit)
Purchase my album here: let's see you grit those teeth.

[Chiptune] Friendship is Witchcraft - Sweetie's Big Race
PICTURE BELONGS TO FANART-FREAK!] i made another thing it was fun god I love Griffinilla's music ...

Radix - My Little Pony (Windefalk 8 bit Bootleg)
DJ friendly rework of classic and not-so-classic chip tunes and game music.

My Little Pony Main Theme Chiptune
The extended version in 4 bits of glory.

Daring Do's Descent [Original MLP Chiptune]
High-quality download: I think this one is my favorite so far of all the chiptunes I have made. I had a ...

My Little Gurren Lagann
deviantArt: tumblr: I started working on this video shortly before season 2 began. I was all hyped up and I ...

[Mashup] My Little Gurren Lagann: Heaven-Piercing is Magic
So one day, I came across this kickass chiptune pony crossover from ZaPowa, and noticed that nobody has done a non-chiptune version of this, even though ...

MLP Crossover Part 99 Gurren Lagann [PMV]
It's an slideshow picture of with music. Like, Comment, and Subscribe my video. Credit: To the people who made this art/pictures. Music: Indescribable by ...

"Published on May 28, 2012 chiptune song that tells a story of adventure without any words :) this is totally faux-chiptunes, but I think that's pretty clear" This is a ...

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Sorairo Days(Chiptune)

Sorairo Days - Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann | Chiptune
Facebook: Twitter: @NaitVenefy.

"Rainbow Dash" - Original Chiptune MLP theme
AVAILABLE AT: I composed some original 8-Bit music for a theoretical MLP:FiM game. This would definitely be used for an ...

Hare Hare Yukari (Chiptunes)
The final of my The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. This is was a long hard project. I had to play my piano and play it 20 different times for each part. I do hope ...

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